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What is the Mystery of Morgellons?

The skin condition that came to be called Morgellons was first noticed about 10 years ago. It consists of strange fibers poking out of the skin. At first it was dismissed as a form of psychological hysteria, but now it's being taken seriously and may even be caused by...
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Serious Study of Mystery Disease

Is Morgellons Disease real? The US government thinks so, since the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has just given care giant Kaiser Permanente over $300,000 to test and interview 150 to 500 patients suffering from it.

There is still controversy over whether or not Morgellons is a psychiatric condition (which does NOT mean that it isn't...

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US Government to Investigate Morgellons

Morgellons disease has symptoms that rival the worst horror films: the skin of its victims oozes mysterious strands that have been identified as cellulose (which cannot be manufactured by the human body), and people have the sensation of things crawling beneath their skin. In the Tuesday, October 24 issue of the New York Times, Michael Mason...

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Possible Morgellons Cure

On, we've been reporting on the mystery of Morgellons disease. Physicians have been divided about whether or not this is a real disease, but Dr. George Schwartz says he has developed an anti-parasitic treatment program that can cure it, if started early enough in the course of the disease.

Morgellons was at first...

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