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The Race for Helium 3 Continues

The space race continues: after China announced it is going to the moon in order to scoop up the valuable Helium 3 fuel for its fusion reactors, Europe and Russia said they were going too, then NASA said it was planning a mission?ostensibly to do "research," but doubtless so that no one else can lay claim to this incredibly valuable fuel. Now...

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Moon Mining?Now in the Mainstream

Over a year ago, we reported that the new moon race isn't about space exploration?it's all about the precious Helium 3 fuel lying on the moon's surface. Now major media outlets are beginning to report this story.

In the website, Alan Boyle quotes geologist and astronaut Harrison Schmitt, who took part in the 1972 Apollo 17...

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Is There Water on the Moon?

Many nations are planning trips to the moon, in order to be the first to lay claim to the precious Helium 3 fuel there. But when it comes to setting up a mining operation on the moon, they all have the same problem: lack of water. Now that problem may be solved.

Leonard David writes in that the solution may be simpler than we...

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Why Moon Miners Will Need to Duck

One of the biggest problems that the countries planning moon trips are going to encounter?besides the need for water?is shielding their bases from asteroid impacts, since absorbing these blows is one of the major things the moon does to protect the earth.

In the New Scientist, Kelly Young reports that during the Apollo missions to the...

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Moon Madness

NASA and China are making ambitious plans to go to the moon?and now Russia, Japan and India are too. In fact, since NASA is not scheduled to return to the moon until 2018, India, China and Japan will probably get there FIRST. Once everyone arrives, will they all cooperate in scooping up the valuable Helium 3 fuel from the surface--or will this...
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Moon Mystery

One of the visions Whitley had at the secret school, the mysterious place where he remembers attending classes as a child, concerned the origin of the moon. In his book the Secret School, he wrote: "I saw something slam into a glowing orb that appeared to me to be the earth, whereupon it broke into two pieces." This vision was later validated...

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The Moon Problem

While the US lays ambitious plans to conquer the Middle East and win over the hearts and minds of the people there, Russia and China have set their sights on the moon, and for the same reason: a desperate search for fuel. NASA has plans to return to the moon as well.

Russia's leading space company RKK Energiya says it will send manned...

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Journey to the Dark Side

We've been wondering if the familiar man in the moon image will become disfigured when Russia, China and the US arrive on the moon and start scooping up the valuable Helium 3 fuel lying on the surface. Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer has warned that the US plans to build a defense against alien intruders on the moon. Now NASA has...

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Will There Still Be a Moon Man in the Future?

Three countries--China, Russia and the US--are planning to go to the moon in order to mine the incredibly valuable Helium 3 fuel there. Russia and the US have already planted flags on the moon. When these mining operations start, will the familiar "Man in the Moon" illusion still exist?

The Moon is in synchronous rotation...
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China Pushing Ahead With Moon Plans

As far as we know, we're the only news organization that has pointed out why China and the U.S. are suddenly so interested in going (returning, in our case) to the moon: to scoop up the precious Helium 3 fuel just lying on the surface.

China's first piloted mission was launched in October, 2003, and lasted less than a day. Leonard David...

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Moon Race

The moon is a treasure trove of helium 3, a vital fuel for the future that is extremely rare on Earth. Both Russia and China are planning moon missions. Now NASA may be racing to get back there first.

In 2004, Bush surprised the world by declaring that the US should return to the moon as soon as 2017. Now NASA is calling for a much...

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World War III May Be Fought on the Moon

We've written before that both the US and China have plans to go to the moon--not for exploration, as the US claims, but to mine the incredibly valuable fuel Helium 3 that's found there. The US won't admit that our true reason for returning to the moon, and China is equivocal about theirs, but Russia is plain spoken about it--they say they're...
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Lunar Lunch

Newswise - That's "lunch," not "launch"?Imagine building a lunar vehicle and taking it 233,857 miles from the Earth to the moon only to forget to pack a lunch for the drive across the moon's landscape. The solution: pack a lunch and reduce cargo weight at the same time by building an edible lunar rover.

A group of Ball...

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China in Space Not Just to Explore

Two Chinese astronauts have blasted into orbit, as Chinajoins the what used to be known as the space race, which hasbecome fairly defunct since the Soviet Union broke up andthe US began to haveshuttleproblems. However, NASA has vowed toland on themoon again by 2018, and China has vowed toreach the moonas well. However, this determination to...

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NASA: Shuttle Was a Mistake

NASA chief Michael Griffin now says that the last 30 years of the space program, which has focused on the space shuttle, with the idea of militarizing space, has been a mistake which has held us back from what should have been our real goal of space exploration.

Traci Watson writes in USA Today that Griffin admits that NASA began to go...

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NASA Planning New Trip to Moon

NASA has announced plans to put astronauts on the moon by 2018, and eventually use the moon as a way station for visiting other planets?especially Mars. Are we returning to the moon to secure the fantastically valuable Helium 3 fuel that is lying on the surface? Helium 3 is undoubtedly the reason that China is determined to go to the moon....

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Take a Trip to the Moon

Space Ventures, a private company not associated with NASA, has announced that it plans to take tourists for trips around the moon. They have already sent two people into orbits lasting from 10 to 21 days, using Russian equipment. Some trips will include stops at the International Space Station (ISS). A roundtrip ticket, from Earth to the Moon...

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Moon Hoaxes Debunked

There's a persistent myth, still going around the internet,that we did not really go to the moon and that the Apollomoon landing was actually staged on a movie set. When aheckler taunted astronaut Buzz Aldrin about this, hepunched him in the nose. Understandable, given that Aldrinactually walked on the moon, and risked his life to do so. Now...

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New Moon Orbiting Earth?

Ed Note: This article was placed in error. The "new moon"was determined by NASA to be a Saturn rocket stage inOctober of 2003. We erroneously used an old reference inthis story.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Mysterious Moon Lights

There's a moon mystery that's been visible from Earth for500 years?and astronomers still haven't figured it out.

Mark Pilkington writes in The Guardian that in 1540, beforethe first telescope was invented, stargazers in the Germancity of Worms saw a star-like object appear on the moon. In1650, the Polish astronomer Hevelius noted the...

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Blue Moon on Saturday

What is a blue moon and is it really blue? We're going tohave one tomorrow so we'll be able to see for ourselves.

A blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month.Usually months have only one full moon, but occasionallythere's a second one. But no one knows how these got to becalled "blue."

It may have started in 1883, an...

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Another Energy Invasion?This Time it's the Moon

Both the U.S. and China have announced plans to go to the Moon, probably to get hold of the valuable helium-3 there, which would solve the world's energy problems. While there haven't been any official announcements about it, the Bush administration clearly realizes there is an impending oil shortage. One reason we've gone into Iraq is to...

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Can Astronauts Survive Moon Work?

If we establish a base on the Moon, how will the astronauts who live and work there survive? When Neil Armstrong was there in 1969, he said, "It has a stark beauty all its own. It's much like the high desert of the United States." But he didn?t spend months at a time there.

The moon affected the astronauts who went there in different...

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Moon Energy Not in China's Future?or Ours

With China going into space, it looked as if there might be a conflict over ownership of the moon. However, now it's been discovered that it will be impossible to use the moon as a base for space travel or for mining the valuable elements there, because it has almost no water. This is tragic, since the moon contains an element that could solve...

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Are We Afraid China will Claim the Moon?

Those of us who love the thrill of space exploration are disappointed that so much recent NASA activity has centered on military and commercial projects. But now it looks like we may finally be returning to the Moon?so we can get there before China does.

Yang Liwei, China's first astronaut, recently returned to Earth after orbiting the...

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Avoid Blackouts?Tap into Moon Energy

"Commercial power from the Moon could have avoided the blackout ?," says space researcher David Criswell. "Each receiver on Earth would be fed independently from the Moon. If you need more or less power you just adjust the beams."

Robert Roy Britt writes in that we could plant receivers on the moon that point towards the sun,...

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Why the Moon Flag Waves

Gina Treadgold writes for that planting a flag on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission was a top secret project in 1969. NASA engineer Tom Moser says, "?It had to be done quietly, because putting a U.S. flag on the moon was politically sensitive." Historian Anne Platoff says the UN had passed a treaty stating "outer space,...

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Will China Take Over the Moon?

Robert S. Walker, former chairman of the House Science Committee, writes in the Washington Times that the Chinese are planning not only to go to the moon, but to set up a base there and occupy it. When we went to the moon, we erected an American flag there, but we've never claimed it as ours. What will happen if China claims the moon belongs to...

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New Theory of How Moon Created

Despite the fact that we're able to send probes far out into the universe, we still don't know how our own Moon was created. Astrophysicist Dr. Robin Canup has a new theory?he says the Moon was created in a double impact 4.5 billion years ago, which destroyed almost all of the Earth as it existed then. A young planet that was almost our twin...

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Second Moon May Be Circling Earth

Earth's second moon has been discovered by a Canadian amateur astronomer. So far, it's known only as J002E3, and circles the Earth every 49.5 days along an elliptical path which is sometimes as far away as 520,000 miles from Earth. Some scientists think it's an asteroid?although most asteroids orbit the Earth, not the moon. Some think it could...

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