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Monsanto Linked to Deaths of Thousands of Farmers

Farmers in developing countries are dying in their thousands from a mysterious kidney disorder, which has been termed as "Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology" (CKDu).

The disease is running rife through farmers from the rice paddy regions of Sri Lanka, and in El Salavdor, it is the second leading cause of death among...
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Hungary Burns GMO Corn to Keep Its Crop Clean

Hungarian officials have burned 1,000 acres of genetically modified corn after it was discovered that the fields contained a mix of natural corn and the genetically modified variety. It was believed that the genetically modified corn was the product created by the Monsanto company, which is sold around the world, including the European Union. It...
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US Bee Colonies Devastated, Threatening Food Supply

A third of all honeybee colonies in the United States died last winter. This is a catastrophic rate of decline which, if it continues, will threaten the national food supply beginning within a few years. The rate of decline is roughly twice what the bee population can sustain. Last March, the California almond crop was threatened by a lack of...
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Monsanto Guilty of Poisoning French Farmer

Weed killers are killing us: Monsanto, the creator of pesticide resistant seeds--such as StarLink corn--has been found guilty in a court in France of poisoning a...
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Seed Wars

The US is threatening nations that want to ban Monsanto's genetically-modified seeds with trade sanctions. This includes some of our major Western trading partners, such as France, which has banned the planting of the aggressive GM Starlink variety of corn...
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Effort to Lift Terminator Seed Ban

The Monsanto Corporation, infamous for its efforts to'corner' water rights and spread genetically modified foodsworldwide, has now embarked once again on a campaign to getinternational approval for 'terminator' seeds, which havelimited germination potiential, becoming sterile after oneor two generations.

When terminator seeds were sold...

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