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Muggers Who Never Get Caught--Maybe Because They're Not Human

Humans are just a higher form of animal, meaning that animals are a lot like us (and vice-versa). India has a major problem with aggressive monkeys that are overrunning its cities and even mugging its citizens.

India was once the world’s largest supplier...
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Monkey Free Zone

New Delhi, India has been declared a Monkey-Free zone, because the critters have been causing such havoc there. They've overrun government buildings; bitten, robbed and tormented the workers; and ransacked the files. They've taken down power lines, banged on office windows and screeched at visitors. It's gotten so bad that citizens there have...

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India 'Monkey Man' Hysteria Now Called Plot

For a number of weeks, hysteria has been building in India, especially around the capital of New Delhi, that people are being attacked by a gigantic, crazed ape. Two deaths have been reported. A pregnant woman died on Tuesday when she fell down a stairway when neighbors began screaming that the monkey man was in the building. A man leaped off a...

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