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Are you a shopaholic?

Take this test and find out! - Despite the recession, some people are still shopping till they drop?whether they can afford it or not. Are you one of them?

The test below revealed that 9% of (mostly women) professors?out of a total of over 500?could be classified as compulsive shoppers. This is higher than the rate of 15...

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Congress Risks Economic Catastrophe it secretly raises taxes - The US Congress yesterday defeated a seven hundred billion rescue passage for America's financial system even as it let stand the Alternative Minimum Tax, meaning that twenty three million Americans will pay an average of $2,000 more in taxes next year. The tax will be extended to cover more...

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Paying the Piper

In Whitley's incredible new Journal, he writes: "What a week! We have seen the effective nationalization of the financial industry, and handed a bill to pay that will reach past a trillion dollars. More fantastically, our national wealth is to be spread among the horde of Wall Street bankrupts not by an impartial agency, but by contractors who...

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Bartering is Back

You'll spend less if you pay cash, but in these tough times, you may not HAVE any cash, so what do you do? You barter!

A growing number of us are surviving the recession by trading?with our friends and neighbors and through websites. quotes like Craig?s List spokeswoman Susan MacTavish Best as saying, "When the economy turns...

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Our Financial Future

What will ourfinancialfuture be like?

In, Clara Moskowiz quotes economist RossGittell as saying, "For many US households this may resultin a new reality, with declining economic prospects for thenext generation."

Will the economic world really be worse for our kids than ithas been for us? Moskowiz qjuotes economist...

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Need to Spend Less?

Spend cash! - As financial institutions are failing, right and left, there's something that?s important to remember during the current recession: There is evidence that people spend less when paying cash than using credit cards or gift certificates, meaning that cash discourages spending, and credit or gift cards encourage it...

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What's Behind the Current Economic Collapse?

What's really behind the coming economic collapse? Some houses are now worth less than their copper pipes, which are being stolen from empty, foreclosed properties. But there are economists who think the REAL cause of the recession isn't sub-prime mortgages, it's that perennial problem: credit card debt.

Across the US, empty houses are...

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Check the Stock Market This Week

Stock market predictions have been tied to many things, including the length of women?s skirts. Since the market is in chaos right now, this search has become more important than ever. Stock market analysts have discovered that when TV viewers like a company's Super Bowl commercial, the company's stock price goes up.

A study examined...

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Is the Dollar Over?

We may be at the beginning of a financial catastrophe in the West. One indication of this might be that the dollar?which has long been the currency of choice worldwide?is no longer being accepted in many places abroad. reports that India's Ministry of Culture has announced that foreign tourists can no longer pay in dollars...

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The Secret of Success

What makes people happy? Doing better than the people around you is what makes some of us feel successful. But after working so hard to climb to the top, why do so many strivers self-destruct?

BBC News reports on a new study that shows that a man is happiest with his paycheck if he is making MORE than his fellow workers in the same...

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The Rich are Getting Richer

A new study shows that the rich really ARE getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. Over the last 20 years, the net worth of the top two percentile of American families nearly doubled, from $1,071,000 in 1984 to $2,100,500 in 2005. But the poorest quarter of American families lost ground over the same period, with their 2005 net worth...

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The Root of All Evil?

Is money the root of all evil? Not necessarily: paying your taxes?then giving the rest of your money (if there's any left) to charity?can give you the same kind of satisfaction you get from eating when you?re hungry. And in a study, men with high testosterone levels rejected offers of free money.

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Rich & Dumb

We recently wrote that people in the caring professions are the happiest, despite the fact that they don't make large salaries, and that when it comes to money, what people want most is fairness. New research shows that you don't have to be smart to make a lot of money.

A nationwide study found that people of below average intelligence...

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We live in a time when, due to our tax breaks for the rich and the diminishing power of unions, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. But psychologists think that what even those of us who are getting rich want MOST is more equality.

According to a new study of behavioral economics, people will spend their own...

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Money Makes People Selfish

Scientists have discovered that having money?and even just the IDEA of money?makes people selfish instead of generous, as we might hope it would. You wouldn't think it would take a scientist to figure THAT out!

Psychologist Kathleen Vohs led a team that conducted experiments in which participants completed a number of tasks while being...

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The Smell of Money

Why do our fingers have a musty, "metallic" odor after handling coins? It turns out we?re not really smelling the coins, we're smelling a kind of body odor. And there's a reason we can smell it: it helped our hunter ancestors track down their wounded prey during hunting forays.

Ker Than writes in that the smell is created...

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Wal-Mart: Good or Bad?

Around a year ago we asked the question, is Wal-Mart evil? This goes along with a more recent question: are we getting poorer or does it just FEEL that way? A recent study shows that if there?s a Wal-Mart nearby, it's probably TRUE.

University of Nebraska researcher Azzeddine Azzam discovered that in Nebraska, counties where a Wal-Mart...

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Are We Getting Poorer?or Does it Just FEEL That Way?

Since 2000, Americans have been getting poorer, and national rates of severe poverty have climbed sharply. The study showing this was not done by a major newspaper or government think tank, but by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine!

They found that the percentage of Americans living in severe poverty?earning less than half of...

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We Should Get Rid of Pennies

Pennies are an annoyance to carry around and to use?and they cost more to make than they?re worth. There?s always a shortage of them because people either throw them away or collect them in jars. But if the penny was eliminated, as some economists suggest, would rounding prices to the nearest nickel end up costing consumers more money?...

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Dollar on the Edge

Over the past two months a strange and disturbing thinghappened to the dollar: China and Japan began to shift awayfrom buying US Treasury debt (dollars) and into the Euromarket and other curriencies. Across April and May, the Eurobegan to rise, moving from about $1.20 to the area of $1.30.

This has happened despite the fact that the US...

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Is Wal-Mart Evil?

Wal-Mart is wonderful?it brings us cheap consumer goods and plenty of them. While the store chain has meant the death of many mom-and-pop stores in the last few years, this is the way capitalism works?or is it? Some critics think that Wal-Mart is an unnecessary evil.

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Economy Can Only Get Worse

Are we heading for another depression, like the one the world experienced starting in 1929? The economic disturbances caused by the great flood of 1927 were one factor that led to the 1929 crash. The decimation of shipping routes in New Orleans and refineries in Houston by hurricanes Katrina and Rita could be the trigger for a new one.

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Can Money Buy Happiness? Yes, But?

As Groucho Marx once said, "I've been rich and I've been poor. Rich is better." Rich people do tend to be happier than poor people, according to sociologists?but only if they're richer than their (rich) neighbors. We all want to be able to keep up with the Joneses; the problem is, we all have different "Joneses." Money only buys happiness if it...

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The Satisfaction of Making Money

A new study shows that people who inherit their money (or win it in the lottery) instead of working for it don?t get as much happiness from it.

Behavioral scientist Greg Berns compared the brain activity of people playing two types of computer games. In one, they had to work to get money, while in the other, they were rewarded without...

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The Bank Mafia

The number of bankruptcies has risen 400% in the past 25 years, and soon experts think that 6 million families with children?that's one in every 7?will go bankrupt. Why is everyone going broke? One reason is that, due to deteriorating schools, families stretch their dollars too far to move into neighborhoods with good schools. Another is credit...

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CEOs Still Living High

Despite recent stock market crashes and corporate meltdowns,America's corporate elite are living the high life. Evensome of them who are under government investigation aredoing just fine.

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