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Close Encounter: Massive Apollo-Class Asteroid Set to Skim Past Earth Tonight

Astronomers are warning us that asteroid 2014 DX110 is on target to hurtle between the Earth and the Moon on Wednesday, passing close to our planet at a distance of just 217,000 miles (350,000km).

At 98ft (30m), 2014 DX110 is a relatively large object belonging to the Apollo class asteroid group, a class of Earth-crossing objects...
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Duck! It's a Meteorite

Fragments of a meteorite narrowly missed hitting 10-year-old Anthony Elliss-Galati in Perth, Australia, then smashed into his driveway. Another meteorite made a crater in a parking lot near Detroit, but no one saw it because they'd all left work when it hit. Since the lot was empty, it didn't hit anyone's car (or anyone's head).

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Greetings, Fellow Martians

Scientists have announced that they have discovered magnetic crystals inside a 4 billion year old Martian meteorite that landed in Antarctica about 13,000 years ago. On earth, this type of crystal is only produced by microscopic bacteria.This is strong evidence for the existence of at least bacterial life on Mars.

This magnetic compound...

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