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"Psychoactive Compound THC Found in Meteorite" Hoax

We have determined that this story is a hoax. Unfortunately, it was just so delightful, we didn't look behind the smokescreen. In our defense, we obtained it from a source that also believed the hoax.

Our original story:
It has...
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Meteorite Reveals Extraterrestrial Life

A meteorite that recently landed close to a city in Sri Lanka may be "the most important scientific discovery in the last 500 years" since it brought "compelling evidence of life" from space.

On the Island website, Walter Jayawardhana quotes one of the scientists who discovered the contents of the meteorite as...
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Sprouts of Life From Space

There's a reason we've sent a rover called "Curiosity" up to Mars: Astronomers want to prove the theory that microorganisms on an asteroid from Mars that crashed into the Earth billions of years ago...
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Meteors Ground Planes

We've heard of Icelandic volcanoes affecting planes and even meteors hitting people, but this is the first time we've herd of a meteor shower grounding planes, but that's what happened right here in the US:...
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We May All be Martians

It's been discovered that DNA can travel on a meteorite, meaning that life on Earth could have been seeded from another planet--maybe even Mars. If that's the case, we don't need to look for life on Mars...
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Universe is FILLED with Life!

Astrobiologist Richard B. Hoover has discovered evidence of microfossils that resemble bacteria in fresh (so they couldn't have become contaminated later) slices of the interior surfaces of 3 carbon-filled meteorites. After looking at them under an electron...
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Close Call

Sometimes asteroids and meteors can come mighty close. A 14-year-old German boy survived a direct hit by a meteorite after it fell to earth at 30,000 mph. Gerrit Blank was on his way to school when he saw "...
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When time slip expert Starfire Tor joined Whitley on Coast to Coast AM on January 9, one of her predictions for 2011 was more meteor strikes. Her prediction has come true already: In Oklahoma, people recently star a "big ball of fire" streaking across the sky. It glowed slightly green, probably...
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How Life Came to Earth

Why we live in a left-handed world! - Flash back three or four billion years: the earth is a hot, dry and lifeless place. Without warning, a meteor slams into this endless desert at over ten thousand miles per hour. We're all terrified that this might happen again and destroy life on earth, but it may have been what planted the...

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Meteor Makes Them Ill

After a meteorite crashed into a remote village in Peru, the villagers all became ill. After the meteorite?s fiery crash, nearby villagers began to complain about smelling a strange odor which led to headaches and vomiting. The policemen who were sent to check out these reports became ill as well. Could some sort of strange bacteria have...

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Jet Has Close Call With Meteorite

Flaming debris that was moving so fast that it broke the sound barrier almost hit a jet plane that was landing in New Zealand. NASA says it couldn?t have come from a satellite, so experts think that the passenger jet was just missed by a meteorite. A few years ago in Chicago, a meteorite crashed through a roof of a house and almost hit a...

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Did Life Come from Space?

The same amino acids that are here on Earth have also been found in meteorites. "The bottom line is that you have these materials that come from space," says researcher Steve Macko. He thinks this points to a cosmic origin for life on Earth.

Making the case for our cosmic origin is the fact that all of the meteorite's amino acids favor...

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German UFO Update

When we asked German UFO researcher Michael Hesemann, who will be on Dreamland April 13, about a recent UFO wave in Germany, he replied, "I spoke to several eyewitnesses and there is no doubt it was indeed a meteorite."

Now the meteorite has been found: A Bavarian farmer?s wife found a 3 foot wide crater in her vegetable patch with the...

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There?s Money in Meteorites

A small group of people manage to make money at a little-known job: meteorite hunting. They use metal detectors to comb the Southwest in search of bits of meteorite that are more valuable than gold.

?Without a doubt, I have the best job in the galaxy,? says Bob Haag. ?But you don?t have to be a rocket scientist. You do a little research...

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