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Huge Asteroid in Close Pass Tomorrow

The media is bursting with scare stories over asteroid 1999-FN53. It’s a kilometer wide and it’s going to make a close pass on Thursday at .68 astronomical units (AU). Will it strike Earth? Highly unlikely, NASA says. Its high speed of 30,000 mph means that it should be easily propelled past us without slowing down. If it did, it would...
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Too Many Meteors?

Speaking on Dreamland on May 9, 2014, Dr. Robert Schoch said that Planet Earth along with the rest of our solar system is entering a region of space that contains more debris than the region we have been in...
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What Poses The Greatest Threat To Humanity In The 21st Century?

A poll led by the Pew Global Attitudes Project has canvassed more than 48,000 people from all different cultures, religions and nationalities to discover what they believe to be the greatest current threats facing humanity in the 21st century.

People from 44 different countries were given a list of potential threats and asked to name...
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Mysterious Holes Appearing At "The End Of The World"

There is a place in Siberia known as Yamal, which literally translates as "the end of the world."

It is an area that is notorious for earth-shattering events, as this was the region where the most dangerous meteor in recent history struck in 1908 with devastating results. Thankfully, the blast occurred in a relatively...
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Deep Impact: From Fantasy to Fact?

Unknown Country has been keeping a keen eye on the skies just recently, and with good cause: following the revelation last week that the Earth had narrowly escaped serious damage from 26 very sizeable asteroids over the past few years, another...
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Close Encounter: Massive Apollo-Class Asteroid Set to Skim Past Earth Tonight

Astronomers are warning us that asteroid 2014 DX110 is on target to hurtle between the Earth and the Moon on Wednesday, passing close to our planet at a distance of just 217,000 miles (350,000km).

At 98ft (30m), 2014 DX110 is a relatively large object belonging to the Apollo class asteroid group, a class of Earth-crossing objects...
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NASA Scientist Claims That Extra-Terrestrial Life Exists

A retired Astrobiologist who worked at NASA for 46 years has confirmed in a recent interview that alien life definitely exists.

In a recent interview with Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post (a recording of which accompanies this article), Richard Hoover described how, through his work with NASA and the Marshall Space Flight Center (...
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Fireballs Rain Down as Another Asteroid Near Miss Takes Place. What's Going On?

We are currently living under very volatile skies. Less than one year after a 10,000 ton meteorite exploded above the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in the Urals injuring 950 people, Russian scientists reveal that a nearby area of the country narrowly missed an impact from a 15 meter asteroid which skimmed past Earth last weekend. The asteroid, which...
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Organic Matter Found in Meteor: Life from Space?

On the morning of April 22, 2012, the northern Californian skies were lit by a ball of light which, according to weather radar, crashed to earth in Sutter's Mill west of the Sierra Nevada. The object's descent was also visible across Nevada and created a sonic boom and fierce winds.
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Newly Discovered Asteroid Passes Between Earth and Moon Tonight

Newly Discovered Asteroid Passed Between Earth and Moon Saturday Night

Asteroid 2013 LR6 will pass within 70,000 miles of Earth tonight, making its closest approach over Tasmania at 9:42 Pacific Time. The asteroid is 30 feet in diameter and NASA says it has no chance of striking our planet. What is a matter for concern, though, is that it was just discovered two days ago, on June 6. The discovery was made by NASA...
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Meteor Strike in Cuba

Residents in the Cuban town of Rodas have reported a meteor strike that made an enormous noise as it hit. It is possible there is a debris field in Earth's gravity well, possibly following the asteroid that just passed the planet. If so, more strikes are possible, and there is no way to detect them prior to entry into the atmosphere, or to stop...
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Meteorite Reveals Extraterrestrial Life

A meteorite that recently landed close to a city in Sri Lanka may be "the most important scientific discovery in the last 500 years" since it brought "compelling evidence of life" from space.

On the Island website, Walter Jayawardhana quotes one of the scientists who discovered the contents of the meteorite as...
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Meteors Ground Planes

We've heard of Icelandic volcanoes affecting planes and even meteors hitting people, but this is the first time we've herd of a meteor shower grounding planes, but that's what happened right here in the US:...
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Incoming Meteors Causing Fireballs Around the World

Update: Huge Fireball Crossed Sweden Saturday. - On Friday the 13th at around 10PM US eastern time, sonicbooms were heard across Kentucky, windows trembled andbuildings shook, and green fireballs exploded over thestate. Hours before in Italy, three fireballs were recordedby astronomers. One, captured on video, was ten...

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Norway Meteor Impact

The Aftenposten newspaper in Norway reports that earlyWednesday morning, the country was struck by a meteor thathad theexplosive force of the atomic bomb that was dropped onHiroshima in 1945.The meteor hit the side of a mountain. There are no reportsof damage or casualties, but if the impact was as great asit appears, it is one of the most...

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Duck, it's a Meteor!

Around midnight near Chicago on March 26, 2003, Steven Simon and Lawrence Grossman were woken up by a 2,000 pound meteor crashing nearby. Noe Garza was asleep when a piece of it burst through his ceiling, bounced across the room and broke a mirror. "I thought somebody was breaking in," he says. "It was a big bang. I can't really describe it."...

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Mystery Light Baffles NASA

Fifteen-year-old photographer Jonathan Burnett snapped a digital photo of a bright light sailing through the sky, and another amateur photographer caught the same image from a different angle. These photos have scientists around the world mystified about what the mysterious light was, since it turns out it wasn't a meteor.

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Duck--It's a Meteor!

A meteorite crashed in eastern India, injuring five people and destroying two houses. It lit up the night sky and rattled windows before it crashed to the ground. One resident says, "It was all there for just a few seconds but it was like daylight everywhere." And in Louisiana, a meteor punched a hole in Roy Fausset?s roof. He says,...
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A Christian Impact

The Bible says a star announced the birth of Jesus. Now geologists say a meteor that landed in Italy in 312 AD may have been seen as a sign from God by the Roman emperor Constantine, causing him to convert to Christianity, saving the religion from almost certain demise.

Constantine saw a blazing light cross the sky just before he went...

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Meteors Take Same Route Close to Earth

A meteor that exploded over central Europe in 2002 had almost the identical orbit as a meteorite that fell to Earth in 1959. Despite this, the two meteorites were not similar in composition, so they didn't have the same origin. Does this mean that there's some kind of orbit close to the Earth that attracts space rocks?

Researchers say, "...

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Meteor May Have Destroyed Middle Eastern Civilizations

Scientists have discovered the first evidence that a devastating meteor impact in the Middle East might have triggered the mysterious collapse of civilizations there more than 4,000 years ago.

Studies of satellite images of southern Iraq have revealed a two-mile-wide circular depression which scientists say looks like an impact crater....

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Meteor Brings Eerie Plague in India...or is it Even Stranger?

Shades of the biblical plagues and the 6th Century catastrophe reported on Unknowncountry last week, where mysterious yellow dust was reported falling from skies .

A mysterious red rain recently fell in the Southern Indian State of Kerala, accompanied by collapsing wells and a plague of black insects.

It was originally thought...

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