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Can Sun Exposure Help Schizophrenics?

Recent research has revealed that Vitamin D-deficient individuals are twice as likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia as people who have sufficient levels of the vitamin, according to a new study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM).

Schizophrenia is a mental illness...
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Weekender: Defining mental illness: Is Modern Society Less Tolerant of the "Non-Conformist"?

What defines "normal" behavior in our modern society? How do we perceive those whose actions push the boundaries of accepted stereotypes? Are they regarded merely as eccentric, unusual, original, or a little quirky? Or are those who "dance to a different beat" actually suffering from a form of mental illness?
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The Eyes Have It: New Diagnosis tool for Mental Illness

The power of the eye has always fascinated man, who has declared since ancient times that these enigmatic visual organs are "the mirrors of our soul". The latest developments in psychiatry may now add some weight to this concept, as a recent research study has indicated that the eye may hold the key to the diagnosis of severe mental...
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Microbe Madness

Five years ago, we reported that a virus may be responsible for schizophrenia. Now there's evidence that someday, we may be able to cure autism and schizophrenia with a vaccine. That's the good news. The bad news: housework is good for your mental health!

In Scientific American, Melinda Wenner writes: "The strongest evidence pertains to...

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A Virus May Cause Mental Illness

Japanese researchers have found that a single virus causes behavioral changes in mice that are similar to those of people with mental illness. Viruses have long been suspected of playing a role in psychiatric disorders, but until now, there's been no proof. A protein produced by the common human virus called the Borna disease virus (BDV) is one...

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