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Wisdom From a Black Box

This is an excerpt from The G.O.D. Experiments by Gary Schwartz. Anne Strieber wrote in two of her recent diaries about her adventures with Gary Schwartz and medium Glennys MacKay, who brought us a special message from the late UFO researcher John Mack. Keep reading for wisdom from the box!

"A black box fell out of the sky and landed...

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Science Studies God

Can science prove the existence of God? Dr. Gary Schwartz, the man who verified that mediums can really contact the dead, says he's done it. Anne Strieber recently wrote about her adventures with Dr. Schwartz and medium Glennys MacKay. She also interviewed Schwartz about his new book the G.O.D. Experiments, just for subscribers. Don't miss...

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This Week on Dreamland: Are Mediums Real?

NBC's popular show "Medium" is based on the life of a real medium, Allison DuBois. Dr. Gary Schwartz, author of The Afterlife Experiments has subjected her powers to rigorous scientific testing. Listen as Whitley Strieber explores the truth about Medium with Gary Schwartz. For our subscribers, Anne Strieber discusses Gary?s upcoming book, the G...

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