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Weekender: Mindfulness Over Matter

"Mindfulness" is becoming the latest buzz word being applied as a solution in almost every industry, profession and human condition in the developed world. In British newspapers published in 2004, the term was used in articles just twice, yet ten years later that figure had risen to 150 mentions.

But what is exactly is...
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The vagus nerve: our route to a happier, healthier life?

The vagus nerve: our route to a happier, healthier life?

Think positive and you will feel positive. We hear this message time and again from proponents of 'New Age' philosophies, and it sounds like a nice idea. You can do it anywhere, at any time and it doesn't cost anything, so why not? Thinking 'happy thoughts' must surely be better than being negative, but does the concept have any basis in science...
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Meditation Can Make You Healthier

We all assume it will make us more spiritual, and perhaps more attuned to our feelings, but it turns out it can actually improve our HEALTH as well.
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Is This the End?

December 21st, 2012 is here--will we have a future? According to ancient Mayan prophecies (NOTE: Subscribers can still...
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Should We Dread the Future?

2012 is here--will we have a future? According to ancient Mayan prophecies (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this...
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Meditation Changes the Brain

There's almost no limit to the value of meditation. A scientist studying the Chinese mindfulness meditation known as integrative body-mind training (IBMT) says that he and...
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The Magical Cure

Therapists used to think of meditation as nothing more than a fading hippie pursuit or a useful means of relaxation. But a few psychologists were secretly trying it out--and they found it to be an incredible healer. Whitley Strieber found it to be something even MORE: In "Solving the Communion Enigma...
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Meditate for Major Change in 2012

The future has arrived: 2012 is here and due to ancient Mayan prophecies, it's a year that many people dread (NOTE...
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Turn Over a New Leaf in 2012: Meditate!

If you want to change your life in the upcoming year, try meditation. One of the things Whitley Strieber writes about in his new book "Solving the Communion...
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Meditation HEALS

Meditation actually HEALS by producing powerful pain-relieving effects in the brain (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show, as well as to a wonderful talk with Echo's interviewer, psychic medium...
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Can Meditation Prevent War?

Or create better soldiers? - Some researchers say that increasing climate change will lead to MORE violence, worldwide. Our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are already under a lot of pressure: Will meditation help? This is one of the subjects Anne Strieber raises in her fascinating Dreamland interview with Russell Targ.

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New Reasons to Meditate

More good reasons to meditate: New research suggests that yoga and meditation may change the way our genes behave in response to stress. It also helps your body build stem cells! Maybe meditation helps build our souls.

Researcher Herbert Benson says, "Now we've found how changing the activity of the mind can alter the way basic genetic...

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Why do it & how it works - The Dalai Lama calls it a science. Whitley wrote The Path to show you how to do it (he used to meditate with the Visitors). In this week's subscriber section, Whitley meditates on two new crop circles and discovers that they are predicting something about the SUN. He even has a specific TIME and...

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Your Brain on Zen

Can love change the way your brain works? What is happening in the minds of people who have developed a greater capacity for forgiveness and compassion? Can a quality like love?whether it?s shown toward a family member or a friend?be measured in the brain?

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) techniques, researcher Richard...

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The Transformative Power of Meditation

Can we train ourselves to be compassionate? A new study suggests the answer is yes. We can meditate in order to cultivate compassion and kindness, because meditation affects brain regions that make a person more empathetic to other peoples' mental states.

Researchers used fMRI brain scans to prove that positive emotions such as loving-...

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New Crop Circle Meditation & Chat for Subscribers!

Whitley Strieber will post his second crop circle meditation this Saturday for subscribers, and he will be present for a live chat from 10 to 11am Pacific Time in the subscriber chat room.

As was reported on this week, there was a stunning UFO event over Stratford in the UK on July 25, which...

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Why Meditation Helps

We know that meditation makes you happier and we know it may actually change the brain. The reason why is may be the same reason that psychological counseling works so well for some people.

In, Melinda Wenner reports on the theory that if you "name your emotions, you can tame them." She writes that brain scans have shown...

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Cygnus Meditation Removed from Website

Due to technical errors, we have removed Whitley's Cygnus meditation from the website, and he will redo it at another time. When it is back up, he will announce this in our newsletter. In it, he will relate some of his experiences going out-of-body at the Monroe Institute. And remember, the first 6 new one-year subscribers will get a free copy...

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A New Meditation Just for Subscribers

Whitley has posted a new meditation for subscribers that is designed to enable you to communicate with other levels of reality. This unusual and powerful meditation is the first of a series that will provide communications tools that have worked for Whitley over the eighteen years of his close encounter and contact experience. Meditations like...

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Whitley's Meditations Now Available

Whitley's wonderful meditations are now available for reading on our transcriptspage, which can be accessed from the gray "What's New" box, top left on our homepage. Learn the secret of meditation: Your failure is really your success! His fascinatingcommentaries on The Key can also be read there.

NOTE: This news story, previously...

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New on our Website!

Whitley has a new meditation that everyone can listen to. To hear it, click "Listen Now" on our masthead. We also have a brand new feature: a Transcripts page. So far, we have written transcriptions of the first four of Whitley's talks on The Key (subscribers: a 5th Key talk is coming up soon). You can click on this section from the gray box on...

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New Contact Meditation

Click "Listen Now" on our masthead to join Whitley in a short meditation for extraterrestrial contact. By the end of August, Mars will be closer to Earth than it's been since prehistoric times, and when Mars is close to Earth, more UFO sightings are reported. Don't miss this opportunity to try to achieve contact with another intelligence. If...

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Second Contact Meditation Available

Spend fifteen minutes meditating with Whitley in an effort to make contact with the unknown presence that is responsible for UFOs. This August, Mars will be closer to Earth than it's been in recent history, and statistically, when Mars is close to Earth, more UFO sightings are reported. Don't miss this opportunity to try to achieve contact with...

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Meditation Makes You Happier

Scientists now have evidence that Buddhists really are happier and calmer than other people. Tests on their brains show that the parts associated with good moods and positive feelings are more active, because of all the meditation they do. Researchers at University of California San Francisco say that the type of meditation done by Buddhists...

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