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More Medical Miracles

Will medical miracles never cease? In early results from a clinical trial, genetically engineered T cells (a type of white blood cell) killed off leukemia cells. Two out of three patients who received this treatment have been cancer-free for over a year. T cells could be engineered...
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Why This Generation is LESS Healthy Than the Last One

Despite so many medical breakthroughs, increased life expectancy in the United States has NOT been accompanied by more years of perfect health. A 20-year-old today can expect to live one less healthy year over his or her lifespan than a 20-year-old a decade ago, even...
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Grisly Medical Experiments--by OUR Government

Whether or not we agree with the current health care legislation, all of us want our government to spend its money on healing, not hurting. But it turns out that secret US government experiments have hurt PLENTY...
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NEW Kind of Breathalyzer Test

There's the kind of breathalyzer test we all dread, when we're stopped by traffic cops for erratic driving. But now there's ANOTHER kind of breathalyzer, that diagnoses diseases we may not realize we have.

Our breath can tell doctors things they want to know. BBC News quotes researcher Masood Yousef as saying, "For example, the odor of '...

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Americans Leaving Home for Affordable Surgery

According to the National Coalition on Health Care, about half a million Americans traveled overseas last year to have surgery that costs two to three times more in the US. The ironic name for this is "medical tourism."

In News Target, Jessica Fraser gives an example of this: a 60-year-old Oklahoma woman went to India to have hip surgery...

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No Medical Ethics for the Poor

Newswise - We've recently read scandalous stories about how the CIAfarms out torture by returning detainees to countries thatdo not hesitate to use these methods in order to obtaininformation. Now it's been announced that the FDA hasdecided that the widely accepted code of ethics used fordrug trials on patients is not necessary...

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Large Tool Left in Man

Donald Church was left in agony for more than two months when surgeons sewed him up after an operation and left a metal tool over a foot long inside him. When he complained that he couldn?t bend over, doctors told him this was to be expected after major surgery. He even set off metal detectors in airports. The University of Washington Medical...

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