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Enigma of Black Holes Finally Solved: They Do Not Exist, Say Scientists

Black holes are possibly one of the most mysterious and unfathomable entities in the known universe. They are generally considered to be black, dense bodies of matter with a gravitational pull that is so strong that even light itself cannot escape their unrelenting grasp.

But, in the largely uncharted environment of deep space, our...
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Math Can be a Pain in the Brain

If you didn't do well in math, it may be because crunching numbers literally hurts your brain.

When neuroscientists look at a human brain under an fMRI machine, while they give them a math problem to do, the pain centers in some people's brains light up. In one such test, the parts of the brain that perceive pain and bodily threats...
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Is Math Behind Everything?

Eight years ago, when Anne Strieber woke up from a coma, she got the message "God is a mathematical formula." Recent studies suggest that mathematics may govern everything from...
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Murder by the Numbers

America seems to have the most serial killers, although Russia produced Andrei Chikatilo, the "Rostov Ripper," in the 1980s. Mathematicians discovered that his murders followed the same mathematical pattern as earthquakes, avalanches and stock market...
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Math Ability: It's Genetic

We accept that some people are born with a talent for music or art or athletics. But what about mathematics? Prime numbers (numbers that cannot be divided by anything other than one or themselves) are all around us,...
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Geek Girls

They behave better - Why don't more women go into a career in computer science, which is one of the few areas in which there are jobs available? Let's hope this changes in the future! It's not that they don't have the brains for it, it has a lot to do with stereotypes. One GOOD thing about girl geekiness: It cuts down on fights...

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Quantum Physics in Ancient Muslim Art

More than half a century before the modern mathematical theory called quasicrystal geometry was discovered in the West, Muslim artists were using it to create intricate, non-repeating tile patterns in buildings. These patterns are now known as Penrose tiling, after the quantum physicist Roger Penrose, who only discovered this theory 30 years...

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Math Says Yankees Will Dominate This Season

According to a mathematician, the New York Yankees will win 110 games this season, more than any other major league team.

Mathematician Bruce Bukiet of the New Jersey Institute of Technology has used the same computer program for the past 6 years to predict how many games each team will win. He bases his predictions on data which shows...

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Babies Know Math

You may have struggled with mathematics classes in high school and college, but according to researchers, math was no problem for you when you were an infant.

US researchers first discovered this in 1992, but their findings have been hotly debated in math circles ever since. Now new research shows that infants as young as six months know...

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Why Asians are Better at Math

Why do Asians do much better at math?both in school, and afterwards? (They also have less dyslexia). It may have to do with the structure of their written languages.

Roxanne Khamsi writes in New Scientist that the language you speak may help to determine how your brain circuits develop and thus how your brain solves math problems. Asian...

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How We Got the Alphabet

Did you ever stop and think about how our alphabet was invented?about how the letters and symbols of all the different alphabets around the world were conceived? Scientists now think they all came from nature.

A new study of how robots view the world has given researchers the theory that the shapes of letters in all languages come from...

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Why Math is Amazing

Many of us non-mathematicians are intrigued by the movie "Proof," the TV show "Numbers" and the book "Freakenomics," even though we don't fully understand how math problems are solved. Now University of Massachusetts researchers have invented a new algorithm which solves the problem that has puzzled mathematicians for years: how does "six...

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