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Mugging Victim Becomes Math Genius After Brain Injury

The brain can compensate for many things and sometimes it even becomes better--or at least different--...
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Is Math Behind Everything?

Eight years ago, when Anne Strieber woke up from a coma, she got the message "God is a mathematical formula." Recent studies suggest that mathematics may govern everything from...
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Math REALLY IS for the Birds

We know that the ancestors of birds were dinosaurs, so did these ancient giant creatures walk around counting the leaves on the trees? Because it turns out that some birds--pigeons, to be precise--are excellent at math. When it comes to counting, they match the...
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Math Ability: It's Genetic

We accept that some people are born with a talent for music or art or athletics. But what about mathematics? Prime numbers (numbers that cannot be divided by anything other than one or themselves) are all around us,...
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Math: How to Predict Who Will be Good at It

Knowing how precisely a high school freshman can estimate the number of objects in a group gives you a good idea how well he has done in math as far back as kindergarten. Does this mean that math ability is genetic? And remember, girls do just as well in math as boys do!

Researcher said Justin Halberda says, "We discovered that a child?s...

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Hands-On Math

We?ve written before about howusing yourhands can help your memory. Are your kids?or you?havingtrouble with math? Another reason to use your hands!

Psychologists have discovered that kids who are told togesture while doing math are more likely to solve mathproblems. Researchers conducted two studies with a total of176 children in late...

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