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Mars Will Be New Wild West

If privately funded excursions to Mars become common, the planet could become the new lawless frontier, as adventurers stake claims to land and minerals before official government expeditions arrive. This is bound to happen if the current trend continues. Governments are trying to avoid putting money into space exploration and private business...

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Are There Canals on Mars?

Since the Mariner 9 spacecraft went into orbit around Mars in 1972, satellites have taken photos of strange anomalies like the "Face" there, and most scientists agree, after looking at recent satellite images, that there are signs of primitive life on that planet. But no one has ever seen the "canals" on Mars, that were seen by the astronomer...

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Life Can Survive on Mars

Microbes may be able to survive on Mars. This means that life could have existed there in the past, and may be there today, hidden under a crust of ice. While microbes aren't as exciting as discovering a Martian civilization, it does mean that microbes could have traveled on a meteorite from Mars to Earth, seeding life here?meaning we are...

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More Proof of Life on Mars

Researchers studying a 4.5 billion-year-old Martianmeteorite have found evidence that 25 percent of themagnetic material in it was produced by bacteria from Mars.Ever since the meteorite was recently rediscovered, therehas been a controversy about whether the markings on thesurface are the remains of Martian bacteria.

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Mars was Once a Wet World

Scientists who claim there could never have been life on Mars have always pointed out that liquid water is needed for sophisticated life forms to exist. Even when it was discovered that water is trapped on Mars underground or in ice, the skeptics said only bacteria could survive such conditions. Now new images of the planet reveal Ma'adim...

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Mars Ice Water is Sign of Life

Ice made from frozen water has been found in vast quantities just below the surface across great areas of Mars. The Ice crystals less than three feet below Mars? surface. If melted, they would created a planet-wide ocean more that 1,500 feet deep. Scientists have long felt that if there was water on Mars, then life could be there too.


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Alien Life Common

If there are other planets like Earth out there, at least one in three probably harbors life, according to Charles Lineweaver and Tamara Davis of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. If life can arise on planets unlike ours, then the odds on finding life are even more favorable.

We can get important knowledge from the...

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NASA Told Not to Look for Mars Life

The scientific desire to search for life on Mars is coming into conflict with the need to prevent any such life from endangering the astronauts or the Earth. The National Research Council (NRC) is recommending that safety take precedence over research and that missions to Mars should try to avoid encountering any possible life forms there. The...

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New Evidence of Life on Mars

Scientists have found new evidence that may indicate there is life on Mars. An analysis of data obtained by the 1997 Pathfinder mission to Mars suggests there could be chlorophyll in the soil close to the landing site. Chlorophyll is used by plants and other organisms on Earth to extract energy from sunlight.

When the Mars Pathfinder...

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Signs of Life on Mars

The dark spots that appear near the south pole of Mars in early spring may be a sign of life. We may be able to find out for sure when Mars Express, the European Space Agency?s Mars mission, goes into orbit around Mars in late 2003.

Agustin Chicarro, European Space Agency project scientist for Mars Express, says, ?As a geologist, I...

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Life on Mars and Europa

Mars holds vast stores of water ice right near the surface and away from the permanently frozen south polar ice cap, scientists say. This means it?s possible that life may have once existed on Mars or could still be there.

?There?s a lot of ice on Mars,? says William Boynton, who made the discovery. ?We really have a whopping large...

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Mars Life is Possible

Scientists have found a place on Earth that they believe is the same as conditions on Mars and on Jupiter?s moon Europa. Since the site is teeming with a large number of microbes, they believe that Mars and Europa could be too.

The site is Lidy Hot Springs, located in the Beaverhead Mountains in Idaho. Living in hydrothermal waters 660...

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Martian Dunes May Harbor Life

Hungarian researcher Eors Szathmary, of the Institute for Advanced Study in Budapest, team says living organisms can be found in certain areas on Mars. He calls the areas ?dark dune spots? and says these changing features are ?probable Martian surface organisms.? His team?s evidence is based on studies of imagery from by NASA?s Mars Global...

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Global Warming--on Mars

Mars may be undergoing a period of profound climate change, according to a new study based on observations made by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor that show a dramatic loss of snow at the south pole.

It is not yet clear if a single year?s change represents a warming trend. "It's saying that the permanent cap isn't quite so permanent...
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How to Find Life on Mars

Researchers who are searching for evidence of water and organic compounds on Mars need to know how to recognize Martian life forms if Mars rocks are eventually brought back to Earth. Peter Buseck and Martha McCartney, of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, decided that clues can be found in bacteria here on Earth.

They were hired by NASA...

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NASA Trashed Evidence of Mars Life

A University of Southern California scientist says that experiments done more than 20 years ago on Martian soil collected by Viking landers 1 and 2 show that life exists on Mars in the form of microbes. The significance of that finding was overlooked and the data was lost after NASA concluded that its experiments showed only signs of chemical...

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Sudden Climate Change on Mars

New images from NASA?s Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft show signs of recent climate change dating back about 100,000 years instead of millions or billions, including ?megafloods? that may have triggered climate changes, extensive terrain that closely mimics permafrost areas on Earth, lake beds, and gullies that have drained water and debris on...

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Huge Dust Storm Shrouds Mars

An enormous dust storm is taking place on Mars, shrouding the planet in haze and raising the temperature of its atmosphere an amazing 54 degrees Fahrenheit. It?s the largest such storm in 25 years and still growing. The storm is so big that amateur astronomers using 8 to 10 inch telescopes can see it from Earth.

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Unusual Astronomical Events, Solar Activity Coincide

Mars will reach its closest approach to earth of the current opposition on June 21, the summer solstice, the same day that a full solar eclipse takes place in the southern hemisphere. On June 30 Comet Linear C/2001 A2 makes its closest earth approach while breaking up. And there has been a sudden increase in sunspot activity, with the sunspot...

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Arthur C. Clarke Believes there is Life on Mars

On Dreamland's June 2, 2001 edition, Dr. Tom Van Flandern, author of Dark Matter Missing Planets and New Comets, said that recent Mars Orbiter photos appear to show images of vegetation on Mars, and even possible structures.

Now noted writer Arthur C. Clarke, in a speech at the Werner von Braun Memorial Lecture series held in...

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Kids Find Mysterious Boulders in Mars Photos

Baffling boulders have been discovered on Mars by an international group of students who won the chance to look at Mars through the camera on board NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft.

The students stumbled upon a surprising cluster of dark-colored boulders, situated in the middle of light-colored terrain. Their discovery has baffled...

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Global Warming on Mars

We humans are becoming experts at creating global warming, and we've finally found a place where our talents are needed: Mars. At a recent NASA conference, "The Physics and Biology of Making Mars Habitable," scientists discussed ways that future colonists can make the chilly planet more comfortable to live in.

One solution would be to...

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New Rocket Could Cut Mars Travel Time from Months to Weeks

A new type of nuclear reactor could make it possible for us to travel to Mars in as little as two weeks.

Yigal Ronen, professor of nuclear engineering at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, believes that a little-known isotope called americium-242m (Am-242m) could power future robotic or human spacecraft more efficiently than chemical or...

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By Searching For Life on Mars, We May Destroy It

The harsh conditions that now exist on the surface of the planet mean that any remaining traces of life will be far beneath the surface, and Martian soil is too unstable for conventional drills. Holes bored the usual way are likely to collapse. "The soil is a mixture of sand, dust and rocks cemented together with salt minerals," says John...

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