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Party Drugs Used as Medicine

New research suggests that marijuana may help autistics (although they'd have to be old enough to smoke it!) and the party drug Ecstasy may help veterans with PTSD. Many of these medicines (like LSD) were originally developed to ease psychiatric symptoms.

MDMA, better known as Ecstasy, can induce pulses of euphoria and a radiating...
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Many Countries Think Drugs Should be Legal

A recent international conference on drugs focused, for the first time in forty years, on the ways that the financial health, political stability, and national security of virtually every country in the Americas has been undermined by the drug trade.

For the first time, the leaders at the summit openly debated (although behind closed...
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The Mushroom Cure

First it's marijuana medicine, now it's psychedelic mushrooms boosting the brain. The active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms (which are illegal in most places) decreases brain activity, meaning that information...
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Is Pot Smoke Dangerous?

Smoking marijuana probably leads to lung cancer, just as smoking cigarettes does (in most people, anyway) but the verdict is still out. A large-scale national study suggests low to moderate use of...
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What Kind of Pot DOESN'T Make You High?

Changes to a single enzyme in the genetic code of the marijuana plant can turn its high-inducing properties into something that's not psychoactive (handy if you want to use it to make rope, instead of smoke it).

Marijuana and hemp come from different strains of the same plant. Hemp was one of the earliest domesticated plant species (...
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Marijuana Doesn't Lead to Hard Drugs--COFFEE Does!

Researchers used to think that marijuana was the "entrance drug" that lead to taking "hard" drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. But now they think it's coffee (and if you're "hooked" on java, be sure to drink it out of a...
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Smoking Pot is Good for Soldiers

In Vietnam, a lot of soldiers smoked marijuana, we assumed in order to make the trauma of war easier to take. Now we know another reason: In a study performed on rats, the researchers found that...
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Pot Doesn't Lead to Hard Drugs

One more argument bites the dust - As some states get consider making pot legal, new drug research shows that the "gateway effect" of marijuana (that teenagers who use marijuana are more likely to move on to harder illicit drugs as young adults) is overblown. This knocks down one of the main arguments of the anti-marijuana...

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Bears Guard Pot Farm

As more and more states and countries legalize marijuana, pot farms are springing up out there. In Canada (where it is still illegal), police discovered that a marijuana farm is being guarded by trained black bears, when they tried to raid it.

But the bears were benign: Instead of attacking they simply acted as guards and were actually...

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Yes, It Really IS Medicine

More news about marijuana medicine: Combining the two most common compounds in Marijuana may boost the effectiveness of treatments to inhibit the growth of brain cancer cells and increase the number of brain cancer cells that die off. Doctors think that these 2 ingredients may be especially effective against glioblastoma, the most common and...

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Marijuana Munchies

Most people will drink alcohol on New Year's Eve, but those who do something else may wonder where those marijuana munchies come from. People who smoke pot almost always raid the refrigerator afterwards, but what is it about marijuana that causes them to do this?

It turns out that it's all about having a sweet tooth: Researchers have...

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Party Drug as Cure

We've written about marijuana medicine?now it turns out that the party drug known as Ectasy may be a useful treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is a major problem for our returning soldiers.

The party drug known as Ecstasy, which has been against the law for years, is now being considered as a serious medicine for...

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Old Pot Stash Discovered

A stash of marijuana almost 3,000 years old has been found in an ancient Chinese tomb, and it's still just as potent as the day it was picked. In, Tim King quotes neurologist Ethan B. Russo as saying, "To our knowledge, these investigations provide the oldest documentation of cannabis as a pharmacologically active agent" and that...

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Marijuana for the Memory

It's not as dangerous as scientiststhink it shouldbe, and it can even be consideredmedicine. Also,it may affect different people indifferent ways.

The more researchers study the effects of marijuana, themore evidence scientists find that specific elements in itcan be good for the aging brain by reducing inflammation andpossibly even...

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Pot Ads Backfire

New research finds that a national campaign's anti-drug TV ads failed to convince young children and teenagers to stay away from marijuana and actually might have ENCOURAGED some of them to try smoking pot.

Researcher Robert Hornik says that the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign?s TV ads from 1999 to 2004 "either had no effects on...

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Is Marijuana Better?or Worse?Than Cigarettes?

There has long been a controversy about marijuana versus tobacco?is smoking pot better than or just as bad as smoking cigarettes? And now that cigarette smokers have to go outside to light up, is this dangerous for NON-smokers walking by, who may inhale the secondhand smoke?

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If Pot is the Only Thing Keeping Her Alive, Let Her Die

One of the most horrifying acts of judicial barbarism in American history has just occurred, in yet another example of the insanity of our ineffective drug laws: A federal appeals court has decided that if the only thing that will keep a patient alive is medical marijuana, that individual may be put in prison, deprived of the substance, and...

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Marijuana Medicine

We've written before about how some people think Marijuana is a wonder drug. Now a new scientific study proves that Marijuana is a "valuable medicine" for certain types of intractable pain that cannot be relieved any other way. This should make us take another look at our drug laws?which are NOT working.

In the Boston Globe, Lester...

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Forget Corn & Wheat--POT is Our Biggest Crop!

Our War on Drugs is getting to seem more and more futile, especially since it has reached the point where marijuana is America's most valuable cash crop, worth more to farmers than wheat and corn combined, despite the fact that both of those crops are heavily subsidized.

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Does Smoking Pot Prevent Alzheimer's?

We've recently written about how Alzheimer's disease may be triggered by what you eat. Now scientists suspect that it could be prevented by what you smoke.

THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, is better at suppressing the abnormal clumping of malformed proteins that characterizes Alzheimer's than any of the drugs now on the market....

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Hallucinogens Bring Everyone the Same Visions

Several years ago, we interviewed Rick Strassman on Dreamland about his book "DMT: The Spirit Molecule." He's a University of New Mexico scientist who was given the first official government grant to do research on hallucinogenic drugs. He reported that all of the volunteers who were given the drug DMT saw the SAME visions?and they all came...

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You May be Getting High from Food

Psychiatrists have now discovered that, for some people, food can be a kind of drug.

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One War We Should Stop Fighting

Even administration apologists pretty much admit the fact that our war on drugs is a failure, since we have more addicts than ever. Mexico's president Vincente Fox recently proposed decriminalizing drugs in his country, but quickly backpedaled when our government objected, fearing that even more drugs would flow over the border. Canadians have...

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Smoking Pot Does Not Cause Cancer

In the past, we have reported on non-smokers who get lung cancer. There has been some speculation that while these people may not have smoked cigarettes, they DID smoke marijuana, but researchers have discovered that smoking pot does not lead to lung cancer.

Scientists always assumed that smoking pot was even more dangerous than smoking...

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Government Grass Stinks

Medical marijuana users in Canada may go back to the illegal stuff, if the government can't learn to grow it right. The Ministry of Health began distributing the drug to patients with serious illnesses last month. Canada has allowed the use of medical marijuana for over two years, but until a recent court order, people had to get it from street...

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Shakespeare May Have Smoked Pot

Most writers we know who blow a lot of grass can't write an intelligible sentence, but anthropologist J. Francis Thackeray says Shakespeare may have smoked marijuana, since several 17th-century clay pipes found at the site of his home had been used to smoke grass.

He says Shakespeare's line "weed this wormwood from your fruitful brain"...

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Cannabis Can Drive You Crazy

Australian researchers have found that people who start smoking marijuana as adolescents may be at greater risk of developing depression and schizophrenia later. Their studies can't be explained by the theory that people with mental illness self-medicate with marijuana, as schizophrenics often do with cigarettes. This also means there's a...

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Marijuana Bad as Tobacco

Smoking marijuana is as bad for your lungs as smoking tobacco, according to a report from the British Lung Foundation. Marijuana has the same chemicals that are harmful to respiratory tissue as tobacco?except for nicotine?and three marijuana joints a day are as dangerous as 20 cigarettes, mainly because of the way they're smoked.

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