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Microwave Malaria Away

As the climate heats up (something the Master of the Key warned Whitley about), countries north of the equator may have the same of mosquito-borne diseases that plague tropical countries...
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New Ways to Fight Off Mosquitoes

In 1998, Whitley Strieber had never heard of climate change, but the Master of the Key burst into his hotel room in Toronto and told him all about it (The new,...
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Malaria May be Vanquished at Last

Your computer purchases may have helped to finally vanquish a long time killer.

As the climate warms, malaria-carrying mosquitoes may eventually arrive in the Northern hemisphere, so it's not a moment too soon.

A new class of medicine has been found that kills the parasite that causes the most lethal form of human malaria....

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Where Will Malaria Strike Next?

It's bad enough worrying about West Nile Disease, but nowMalaria, another mosquito-borne disease, has already hitFlorida. Withglobal warming, will it arrive in the rest of the U.S. aswell?

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Mosquitoes Carry Malaria, as Well as West Nile

Malaria-carrying mosquitoes have been found in Maryland, near the area where two teenagers became ill with the disease this past summer. "Having two cases of domestically transmitted malaria, and finding two pools of positive mosquitoes, hasn't happened for decades in the U.S.," says health authority David Goodfriend.

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