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Why Do Dogs Poop In Alignment With The Earth's Magnetic Field?

It has long been recognised that birds use the Earth's magnetic field (MF) for navigational purposes, but a recent study published in Frontiers in Zoology has uncovered a rather more unexpected animal response to this enigmatic MF energy.

It transpires that, when they stoop to poop, dogs prefer to align their bodies to the north-south...
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The Moon Was Once Magnetic

Research on an ancient lunar rock suggests that almost 4 billion years ago, the moon once had a molten, core of liquid metal that generated a strong magnetic field.

The Daily Galaxy quotes planetary scientist Benjamin Weiss as saying, "The moon has this protracted history that's surprising."

In 1969, the...
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The Sun Wakes Up: What Will Happen to Us?

A series of solar flares will hit the Earth over the next few days, which could cause disruptions in satellite transmissions, such as satellite TV, cell phone and GPS systems. Airplanes may have to change routes in order to continue to receive control tower transmissions....
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