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Mad Cow Disease Traced to Antelope

Mad Cow Disease was probably spread to England by an infected antelope, according to Roger Morris, a professor of animal health at Massey University in New Zealand. The infected animal was probably imported in the mid-1970s by a safari park in southwest England.

It got into the food chain when it was ground up for bone meal that was fed...

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Mad Bee Disease

Millions of honey bees in France are suffering from "Mad Bee Disease," becoming too disoriented to find the way back to their hives. If they can't get home again, they die within hours.

Environmentalists say the problem can be traced to the pesticide Gaucho, sprayed on sunflowers. The French government ordered a two-year extension of a...

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U.S. Soldiers Exposed To Mad Cow Disease

Millions of U.S. military personnel and their families stationed in Europe before 1996 may have eaten British beef during the height of the Mad Cow Disease epidemic.

For 10 years following the emergence of BSE in British cattle in 1986, commissaries on U.S. bases in Europe continued to use beef from the U.K. There were no bans in place...

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Germans Raid Zoos For Food

As the Mad Cow Disease panic hits Germany and suspected meat is being recalled, butcher shops are empty and restaurants are no longer serving steaks.

During the first BSE scare in November, shoppers switched to game, but they are now being warned that the deer in Germanforests have been fed the same bone-meal feed that was given to...

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Mad Cow Disease May Be Caused By Insecticide

An insecticide that has long been applied to the spines of cattle in the U.K. in order to ward off flies could be thecause of Mad Cow Disease.

Cambridge University researcher David R. Brown has shown that the organophosphates in Phosmet could have damaged prions in the cattle, setting the stage for the BSE, which has spread to humans...

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Will Mad Cow Disease Come to the US?

Europe is in a panic over Mad Cow Disease, to the point that long-time meat eaters have become vegetarians and zookeepers in Germany are surreptitiously slaughtering zoo animals for food.

In humans the mad cow prion produces Kreutzfield-Jacob Syndrome. It's a horrible way to die. First you have moodswings, then numbness and...

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