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US Cow Tests Positive for Mad Cow

The US Agriculture Department said today that a test of anAmerican cow has come back positive for bovine spongiformencephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease.

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns announced that the animalhad been removed from the food chain in November of 2004 andthat its meat had not been consumed.

Unlike other...

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Good News on the Mad Cow Front

Newswise - Mad cow disease is one of the great unspoken fears, becauseAmericans know that the Agriculture Department does notprotect us responsibly. Now there is hope on the horizon. Avaccine that works against the prions that cause the diseasehas been successfully tested in mice. It may be that it willbe possible to vaccinate...

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This Week on Dreamland: Is Alzheimer's Connected to Mad Cow Disease?

This week,ColmKelleher tells the terrifying truth aboutMad CowDisease in the US and explains why he thinks it may beresponsible for the epidemic of Alzheimer's that iscurrently devastating so many seniors in this country.Autopsies of Alzheimer's patients show that they had plaguesin their brains similar to those that form in people withMad Cow...

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Hunters Can Get Mad Cow from Game

The first case of chronic wasting disease (the prion diseasesimilar to Mad Cow that affects deer, elk and other gameanimals) outside the Midwest region has been discovered in awhite-tailed deer in New York State. This makes it even moreimperative thathunters shouldnot eat the meat from animals they shoot without having thecarcass tested or...

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Possible Second Mad Cow Case in US

The US Agriculture Department has announced that a secondpossible case of mad cow disease has appeared in the UnitedStates. Officials would not say where the possible case wasdiscovered, but earlier information suggested that such acase might be taking place in or near Ulster County, NY.

However, until an official determination is made...

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Most People Don't Get Mad Cow from Meat

Most people who get Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, the human form of Mad Cow Disease, don't get it from eating meat. Are our pets in danger of getting it??since most pet food is made from dogs and cats.

Malcolm Ritter writes that despite the fact that around 250 people in the U.S. die from CJD every year, most of these cases don't come from...

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Finally--Mad Cow Medicine

Drugs used to treat malaria and schizophrenia may be able to defeat theinfectious proteins that cause the human equivalent of mad cow disease.University of California at San Francisco researchers found the drugs wereeffective in treating mouse cells infected with proteins known as prions,which cause Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

"It's a big...

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Mad Cow Spreading to Felines

When Major, a 12 year old lion at the Newquay Zoo in southwest England, died recently, an autopsy revealed that had feline spongiform encephalopathy (FSE), the cat form of mad cow disease.

Mike Thomas, managing director at the zoo, said the lion must have caught the disease from eating the brains and spines of cattle, ?so poor old Major...

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