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Your Boss isn't Just Smart, He's LUCKY

We should stop praising the world's top CEOs because a new study by a business journal shows that they are not as good as everyone thinks they are--they're LUCKY!

In the June 25th edition of the Financial Times, Lucy Kellaway writes: "Take Bill Gates. Had he not come from a well-off family--making it easy for him to indulge his...
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Why Some People are Superstitious

People who believe that fate and chance control their lives are more likely to be superstitious, but when faced with death they are likely to abandon superstition altogether.

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Can luck really influence the outcome of events? Athletes clearly think so: Many baseball players have talismans they carry around with them and perform elaborate rituals before getting up to bat. Investors are also superstitious (and their lucky charms haven't been working lately).

In the April 29th edition of the Wall Street Journal,...

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Is Today Your Lucky Day?

Many people consider the number 7 to be lucky, so this Saturday, July 7 (which is 7/7/07) must be particularly lucky. July 7 was a very UNlucky day for the British in 2005, since that was the date of the terrorist bus bombings there. Recent events suggest that Al Qaeda elements in that country are aiming for 7/7 again. Meanwhile, brides across...

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Some people are luckier than others. Some people rely on lucky charms. One extremely lucky man in the UK told a judge he did not get rich from embezzling?he got his money because he won the lottery 80 times.

In the Independent, Graham Keeley reports that a judge became suspicious about Juan Antonio Roca when the police discovered regular...

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Today is June 6, 2006?or 666 to numerologists. In the Bible, Revelation 13:18 describes the number "666" as "the number of the beast." No one seems to know exactly what this means, but many people think it refers to something evil. About a year ago, we told you that 666 is NOT the "number of the beast" anyway?that's actually 616.


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Were You Born Lucky?

Dr. Richard Wiseman, a psychologist who studies luck, wants to know if certain people are "born lucky." Are you luckier if you were born during the summer than in the winter? So far, statistics say "yes."

Wiseman is asking people when they were born and if they think they are naturally lucky, then tabulating the results. Despite the fact...

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Coin Toss NOT Fair

We toss a coin and ask people to name either "heads" or "tails" because we think this gives each side an equal chance?except it doesn't. Statistician Persi Diaconis says, "I don't care how vigorously you throw it, you can't toss a coin fairly."

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Why Lucky Charms Work

Researcher Richard Wiseman studies how to be lucky. He says lucky charms do work, but only because people believe in them. Some people believe in them so much, they use voo doo to try to influence the outcomes of trials.

Rachel Williams writes in the Pennsylvania News that Wiseman found that carrying a luck charm had no effect on whether...

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How to Be Lucky in 2004

Psychologist Richard Wiseman says, "Ten years ago, I set out to examine luck. I wanted to know why some people are always in the right place at the right time, while others consistently experience ill fortune." He says he's found the answer.

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How to be Lucky

Byron Spice writes in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about U.K. researcher Richard Wiseman, who's spent 10 years studying lucky and unlucky people. His conclusion: people can learn how to become luckier.

Wiseman says, "People would tell me, 'I'm not psychic, I'm just lucky," so he began advertising in newspapers and magazines for people...

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