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Lost City May have been Found in Kalahari

For the second time in just two weeks, the discovery of a lost city has been announced. This one is in the Kalahari Desert in Africa, now one of the most desolate places on Earth. It appears to be similar in many ways to the Nazca site in Peru, only much larger. The 'city' was found by a crowd-sourced research project using Google Maps, and has...
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Lidar showing ground features.

Fabled Lost City Discovered in Honduras

Using a new imaging technique that enables photography of the ground through the cover of the jungle, explorers have discovered extensive ruins in the Mosquitia region of Honduras that are probably the source of rumors about a great city that has become known as Ciudad Blanca, the White City. Lidar imaging of the area has revealed extensive ruins...
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Prehistoric Pompeii Discovered

A prehistoric village has been unearthed in Italy, more than 3,500 years after it was buried by Mount Vesuvius, the same way the Roman city of Pompeii was destroyed centuries later.

Experts call the find at Nola, near Naples, ?sensational? and say the site could be the world?s best preserved early Bronze Age village. Professor Stefano De...

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Ancient Artifacts?Real & Fake

A giant, prehistoric circle has been discovered in Ohio that is nearly perfect and about 90 feet across. It was buried long ago and is completely underground.

Using powerful magnetic sensors, archaeologists discovered the circle by chance. N?omi Greber, a Cleveland Museum of Natural History archaeologist, says they used remote-sensor...

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Sunken City off Cuba

A lost city may have been found beneath 2,300 feet of water off the coast of Cuba, in an area just recently opened to exploration by the Cuban government.

Several foreign companies have joined together with the Cuban government to begin a systematic search of the area. ?It?s a new frontier,? says Paulina Zelitsky, of the Canadian company...

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Huge, Incredibly Ancient City Found in Peru

Ancient City A Major Challenge for Science.

Archaeologists have discovered the oldest city in the Americas 120 miles north of Lima, in Peru. Caral, which is 4,600 years old and flourished at the time the great pyramids were being built in Egypt, challenges many of the long-held beliefs of scientists, who have stated that no major urban...

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Did Ancient Greeks Reach America?

An article in the latest issue ofAncient American Magazine makes a compelling case that Greek mariners reached the Americas as long ago as the fifth century B.C., possibly traveling as far west as Newfoundland.

Rather than relying on maps or archaeological remains whose authenticity cannot be confirmed, the author, Alban Wall, looks to...

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