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Doctors May Soon be able to Turn Back Time

Scientists from Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) have made ground-breaking discoveries that could help to reverse the ageing process.
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Starvation Not Necessary for Long Life

Scientists once thought that a restricted calorie intake led to a longer lifespan, but this has now been discredited (thank goodness!) While lots of us...
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Soon People will Live for a Thousand Years

The first person who will live to see their 150th birthday has already been born--at least that's what longevity researcher Aubrey de Grey thinks. He also thinks that scientists are about to be able to "cure" ageing.
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Baby Face

Or is it Grays face? - Got a baby face? Look younger than you really are? You are also going to LIVE longer than other people!

Researchers asked professionals to guess the ages of unidentical twins who were in their 70s, 80s or 90s by looking at their photos. The twin whom people thought was younger lived longer.


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How to Live Forever

First scientists figured out how to turn worms into homosexuals. Now they've learned how to make them live almost forever. Can they do the same for us?

An antidepressant drug called mianserin extended the lifespan of nematode worms by almost a third. According to BBC News, "the drug seems to mimic the effects on the body of the only...

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