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Unknown Country Halloween Week: Myths and Monsters - Is There Any Truth Behind The Legends?

We all love a good monster movie, don't we, even if it's viewed with just one eye open from behind the safety of our sofas?

Year after year, Hollywood favourites such as Count Dracula and the Wolfman, and other classic fiendish figures continue to draw crowds of eager horror-movie-lovers. But when and where did our preoccupation with...
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Have the Loch Ness Monsters Become Extinct?

The Loch Ness Monster is one of the most enduring legends of Scotland, bringing thousands of visitors to the country each year. A strange fate may have befallen our favourite cryptid, however, as there have not been any sightings of her since 2012.

It is claimed that one of the first recorded sightings of "Nessie," as the...
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There's another Nessie--This Time in Alaska

Alaska has its own Loch Ness Monster. It's been seen in Cadboro Bay, and has been tentatively identified as a Cadborosaurus, a carnivorous marine reptile that lived during the dinosaur era and was thought to have gone extinct at the end of the Cretaceous Era, millions of years ago. Scotland's...
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They've glimpsed her on Google, and now ANOTHER "Nessie" has had her photo taken! A kayaker on England's Lake Windemere has taken an excellent photograph of the English Loch Ness Monster known to locals as "Bownessie." The strange humpbacked...
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Nessie Spotted on Google Earth

No, we're not dreaming! Jason Cooke was surfing through Google Earth when he decided to look at a satellite photo of Loch Ness in Scotland, and spotted an image which may be the Loch Ness monster.

In the August 27th edition of the Guardian newspaper, Stephen Moss quotes Nessieologist Cameron McSporran as saying, "It's a dramatic and...

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Loch Ness Fossil?

There is new evidence in the search for the Loch Ness Monster. A fossil of a giant "sea monster" has been discovered on an Arctic island. This doesn't explain how it might have gotten to Scotland, but it does show that such creatures did once exist.

In BBC News, Paul Rincon quotes Paleontologist Angela Milner as saying, "One hundred and...

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New Nessie Video Looks Like the Real Thing

The Loch Ness Monster is probably the most famouscryptozoological mystery in the world, and now new videosuggests that the monster may be real. Cryptozoologsts aresaying that this is among the finest videos ever made of thecreature, and observation of it makes it hard to believethat it is anything other than a real animal, very long andthin,...

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Nessie Fossil Found in Scotland

China's version of Nessie was seen last week, and a man found a fossil that could be from the original Nessie in Loch Ness.

China's Lake Tianchi Monster was spotted July 11 in a lake near North Korea, where similar sightings have been reported for over a century. Local government officials caught sight of a school of 20 Chinese Nessies...

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Three Nessie Sightings in a Day

Last Sunday the Loch Ness monster was sighted three times in eight hours, which is how often it was sighted during the entire year of 2002. Two of the sightings were from the cruiser the Royal Scot and the third was by a fisherman.

The captain of the Royal Scot saw a fast-moving wake in the water at around 2 pm, but thinks he was the...

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UFO Over Loch Ness

In an incredible combination of strange phenomena, a UFO has been seen over Loch Ness, home of the Loch Ness monster. The mysterious light has been seen above nearby Drumnadrochit in Scotland. "It's the buzz of the village," says Liz Gresham, whose husband Ian first spotted it. "It looks as though there are two black things, one at the top and...

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Amazing New Nessie Video

When Andrew Whyley visited the underwater webcam at Lochness Live, he glimpsed the Loch Ness Monster and recorded images of it. "I was browsing the internet, and the site is always good for a five-minute look on the off-chance," he says. "When the image came on the screen I thought 'What the hell is THAT?' and snapped away."

He captured...

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Tasmanian Lake Monster

The Tasmanian Mercury newspaper says their own Loch Ness monster has mysteriously reappeared in the middle of Lake Dulverton. ?People are pointing fingers everywhere,? says Tony Cawthorn, of the Friends of Lake Dulverton. ?But it?s a mystery how she got there.?

Local businessman Albert Darkin went down to the lake after customers talked...

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Original Nessie Film Found

The first film of Scotland?s Loch Ness Monster was shown 65 years ago. Since then, the short newsreel clip of the 30 foot long creature has been missing.

Now the footage has been found and will be screened again. Janet McBain, curator of the Scottish Screen Archive, found the 16mm film dumped in an old rusty can among hundreds of film...

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Monsters in the U.S. and a Plot to Catch Nessie

The U.S. is filled with legends about strange, unidentified creatures. One of these is known as the Loveland Frog. In the early hours of Feb. 3, 1972, Loveland police officer Ray Shockey pulled over to investigate a strange animal on the banks of the Little Miami River.

The creature stood about 3 feet tall, with dark scaly skin and a...

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South Dakota Nessie...or Big Snake?

Despite recent sightings of a giant, elusive reptile living in a creek in South Dakota, a search has so far turned up nothing. Between July 24 and July 26 this summer, Shirley Nikodym and Chris Heinz were walking along Moccasin Creek when they saw what appeared to be a large snake poke its head out of the water. The snake ducked back under and...

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Latest Nessie Skeptic: It Really IS Hot Air!

An Italian geologist maintains that the fabled monster of Loch Ness is nothing more than hot volcanic air, and he has sent ripples around the shores of the deep lake in order to test his theory. Luigi Piccardi, a seismologist from Florence, says the legend of Nessie, which dates back nearly 1,500 years, could be the result of a major geological...

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