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Halloween Week On Unknown Country: Let's Take A Walk On Our Shadowside...

We are counting down the week to Halloween here at Unknown Country! Whatever your personal beliefs about this archaic and arcane tradition, this is a good time to examine the shadow-sides of our personality and the importance of recognising the purpose of the dark side in each and every one of us.

The term “shadow” was...
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Quantum Leap: Scientists Achieve Teleportation Over 15 Mile Distance

Traveling for some is a pleasure but there are times, such as during the daily commute, when getting from A to B is just a tedious and often laborious necessity.

We look with envy at our futuristic cartoon and film heroes who simply teleport from place to place, disappearing in one location and appearing just seconds later at their...
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New Collider To Turn Light Into Matter

An eighty-year-old theory looks set to become a reality, after researchers managed to develop the technique in less than a day during their coffee break!

The concept of turning light into matter sounds inconceivable, yet however far-fetched it sounds, the Universe that we inhabit was created when energy was transformed into substance...
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The Healing Power of Light

The idea of healing using light energy sounds very "new-age", but the medical profession are beginning to understand that there isan incredible healing power hidden within the light spectrum.

The use of light, especially ultraviolet light, to treat medical conditions is known as "phototherapy". Natural sunlight...
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Zap Your Addiction

The war on drugs isn't working, so it's time to shine some light on the subject. By stimulating one part of the brain with laser light, researchers have shown that they can wipe away addictive behavior in rats--or do the opposite: turn non-addicted rats into compulsive cocaine...
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Let There be Light

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What Light Does

Sleep with the blinds closed! Exposure to even dim light at night is enough to cause physical changes in the brains of hamsters (and humans?) that may lead to depression. But light DOES kill superbugs, which must be why, when you're in the hopsital, nurses come over and shine a flashlight in your eyes at night!
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Danger on the Night Shift?

Jobs are scarce, so people are opening their own businesses. Women so often do the cooking for their families, so you think they would open more fast food franchises, but there may be a reason for this: They are free spirits. Or it might be an instinctual aversion to the Night Shift. First we reported that exposure to too much light at night (...

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That Mysterious Blue Light

People who witness UFOs often comment that they shine a bright lights onto the ground in a single color: blue. Now science may have made some progress in finding out what's so important about blue light. The world turns out to be a lot stranger than we used to think it was.

Human eyes can only see light in a very small region of the...

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Speed of Light Varies

In an incredible departure from Einstein's theories, scientists have found ways to make light go both faster and slower, and now researchers have found a way to make it go BACKWARDS?and when it does, it goes FASTER than usual. This research could be a window into making time travel a reality.

Researcher Robert Boyd sent a pulse of light...

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Light Can Be Liquid

Scientists have figured out how to change light into aliquid that forms drops and splashes off surfaces just likewater. Humberto Michinel at the University of Vigo in Italysays it would be ideal for optical computing, wheremicrochips sent light through optical circuits in order toprocess data.

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Light Pollutes Too

In Hong Kong, astronomers who want to observe the stars and planets must travel to a remote village in the dead of night. Some have rented top-floor apartments in Hong Kong?s New Territories so they can gaze at the stars.

A huge amount of outdoor lighting makes the night can appear like day. ?The light, it lights up the sky so we cannot...

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Controlling Light and Energy

A team of scientists at the Rowland Institute in Massachusetts, led by Prof Lene Hau, have succeeded in making a pulse of laser light slow down to a complete halt. Then, after about a thousandth of a second, they made it start up again as if nothing had happened. This breakthrough will be important for designing the supercomputers of the future...

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Dangers of Artificial Light

Scientists are beginning to suspect that artificial light can be lethal for plants and animals. Studies show it can disrupt the natural biological patterns of the human body that regulate sleep, body temperature and other functions. However, little research has been done on how the widespread electrification of the past century has affected the...

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