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Who Cheats?

A new study shows that the business leaders behind our nations' most unsettling corporate scandals have most likely cheated on tests and term papers in college as well.

Researcher Paul Piff says, "Our studies suggest that more positive attitudes toward greed and the pursuit of self-interest among upper-class individuals, in part...
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Lying is Unhealthy

There's nothing wrong with a little white lie occasionally--it's the big ones that bother us. But there's justice in the world: It turns out that liars are LESS HEALTHY than the rest of us, and that...
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How to Tell Who to Trust

We hate to think that our personalities are all based on a combination of genes and hormones, but that's increasing turning out to be true. For instance, the female reproductive hormone oxytocin (which men have too) may determine while some people are generous givers and others...
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Catching Facebook Fibs

Online daters intent on fudging their personal information have a big advantage: most people are terrible at identifying a liar. But new research is turning the tables on deceivers, using their own words.

Communications expert Catalina Toma says, "...
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People Lie When Texting

A new study reveals that sending a text message leads people to lie more often than in other forms of communication.

The study involved 170 students performing mock stock transactions in one of four ways: face-to-face, or by video, audio or text chatting....
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Creative People Cheat the Most

Here's a secret not everybody knows: Creative people are more likely to cheat than less creative people, probably because they CAN. Their creativity increases their ability to rationalize their actions.

Psychologist Francesca Gino says, "Greater...
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Ignorance is Bliss

Psychology research shows that the less people know about important complex issues such as the economy (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show), energy consumption and...
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Why Political Talk So Often Fails

There's a reason why politicians sometimes find it hard to talk. Rick Perry’s failure to remember the name of one of the federal agencies he would abolish if elected president, namely the Department of Energy, was most likely an example of a very common phenomenon called "Tip of the Tongue" phenomenon or TOT."

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People Lie on the Internet

Don't believe everything you receive in an email or text message: A new study finds that communication using computers for instant messaging and e-mail increases lying compared to face-to-face conversations.

A study looked at 110 same-sex pairs of college students who engaged in 15 minute conversations either face-to-face, using e-...
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What the FIRST Language Sounded Like

Where do languages come from? Many linguists think that all human languages came from a single one that was spoken in East Africa around 50,000 years ago. But how would it have sounded--would it...
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Why Some People Never Get Embarrassed

Thanksgiving dinner is the time when many of us say the wrong thing to friends and relatives we haven't seen for a long time. Are you easily embarrassed? People who AREN'T (certain politicians and actors, for instance) have a smaller region in one part of the brain...
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As the Election Heats Up, LISTEN to the Candidates

In 1998, a mysterious little man that Whitley Strieber calls the Master of the Key burst into his hotel room in Toronto and told him all kinds of things he didn't know--but when he checked them out later, he found out they were TRUE. (The new,...
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Should Parents Let Kids Believe in Santa?

At Christmas time, almost every parent reaches the point where their child wants to know if there really is a Santa Claus. Parents regularly lie to their kids with the best of intentions: Is this the right thing to do?

Child psychologist Charles Smith notes that while Santa may not be a flesh-and-blood person, the cultural truth of St....

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Lie Detectors Don't Work

Some people can't help telling lies, and lately, a lot of those people seem to be politicians. That's why the government wants to know if lie detectors (polygraphs) really work.

In, Christopher Wanjek writes that "good liars have little to lose and everything to gain from taking a 'lie detector' test. It's the truthful...

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Scientific Spin Detector

We've written before about how mathematics can bring us amazing revelations. Now a mathematician in Canada says that he can use math to tell when a politician is lying. With our own election coming up in 2008, this is something we can use.

Stu Hutson writes in New Scientist that a hard-fought election for the post of prime minister is...

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It's Official: Politicians Lie

In Britain's Observer newspaper, political scientist Glen Newey says that lying is an important part of politics in a modern democracy. He says, "Politicians need to be more honest about lying." He thinks voters actually expect to be lied to and sometimes even need to hear the lies. "Politics should be regarded as less like an exercise in...

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New Lie Detector Can't be Fooled

The new lie detector, the Silent Talker, could detect terrorists at airports by simply asking them a few questions. It uses artificial intelligence to monitor the tiny facial movements of the people it's testing and is more accurate than traditional polygraphs. If it proves accurate enough, its results might be accepted in courtrooms, unlike...

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