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Supreme Court Decison Nears on Who Owns Your DNA

A few weeks ago, we told you that someone ELSE may own YOUR DNA. Almost every cell in your body contains a copy of your genetic code--can a private company patent it and sell it? The Supreme Court says, "no."
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The Court Has a Conscience, Even if Congress Does Not

Despite pressure from big business and power companies, a federal appeals court upheld first regulations that will reduce the gases blamed for global warming. This may be the most significant decision on climate change since a 2007 Supreme Court ruling that greenhouse gases could be controlled as air pollutants.

The rules will reduce...
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American Justice

Not blind enough? - First we extradite Roman Polanski from Switzerland in order to put him on trial in Los Angeles, now Gary McKinnon (who hacked into NASA computers looking for UFO information) has been refused permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court against his extradition to the US. Both of them could end up spending...

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