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Can a Computer Tell Jokes?

As if they didn't have enough to study, scientists are now trying to figure out what makes something funny. One way to do this is to get a computer to create jokes--something a standup comedian (NOTE:...
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Different Sexes Laugh at Different Jokes

Both men and women seem to believe that men are funnier than women. And men are particularly responsive to other men's humor. Women, however, find men funnier because they mistakenly attribute funny things to men. Women often say they prefer a man who...
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Deep Thinkers Like to Laugh

Especially when it comes to politics (with the state our Congress is in right now, what else is there to do?) But that shouldn't surprise us: deep thinkers have always had a sense of humor.
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Look for the Laughing Candidate

As the 2011 Presidential election heats up, we need to know how to choose a candidate. Should it be someone who's depressed? Or should it be someone who laughs?
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STILL the Best Medicine

Especially for smokers - Are you an Angry Smoker? If so, it's why you may have trouble quitting. Maybe you need to laugh more.

Some researchers think that smokers who want to quit (and that's almost everybody) could be helped by taking anger management lessons, because nicotine affects the part of the brain responsible...

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Why are Some People Funny?

It's known that the younger children in a family have stronger immune systems, due to being exposed to so many diseases picked up by their older siblings. Now it's been discovered that they ALSO have better senses of humor?in fact, most comedians are the youngest children in the family.

BBC News reports that around 50% of younger...

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