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What the FIRST Language Sounded Like

Where do languages come from? Many linguists think that all human languages came from a single one that was spoken in East Africa around 50,000 years ago. But how would it have sounded--would it...
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Your Language Gives You Away

Using computerized text analysis, scientists are able to help police identify psychopathic murderers by analyzing the word choices they use when talking about their crimes. Researcher Jeff Hancock found that "the words of these criminals match their...
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You Can't Hide: The Words You Choose Reveal the Truth

The words people use are like fingerprints that can reveal their relationships, honesty, or their status in a group. Scientists are using linguistic software to analyze pronouns, articles, prepositions and a handful of other small...
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Why it's Good to be Bilingual

Scientists in Canada (where they speak both English and French) have discovered evidence that speaking two languages can help delay the start of Alzheimer's symptoms by as much as five years. quotes researcher Fergus Craik as saying, "We are not claiming that bilingualism in any way prevents Alzheimer's or other dementias, but it...
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It's All in Your Head!

You just have to FIND it - Many of us learn a foreign language in school, but we forget it later because we never get to hear it or practice it. But it HASN'T vanished from our brain, it's still in there, waiting to be accessed. How can we find it again?

Psychologists recruited volunteers who were native English speakers...

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The Oldest Words

Which ones will be lost in the future? - What are the oldest words in the English language? Also, which words are most likely to become extinct in the future? Linguists claim they can answer BOTH these questions!

BBC News quotes evolutionary biologist Mark Pagel as saying, "We have lists of words that linguists have...

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Is There a Universal Language?

Biblical scholars believe that there is a lost gospel that the four writers of the existing gospels?Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?drew upon for their writings. Scholars call this book "Q." Some linguists think there may be a lost language that modern languages have all built upon in a similar fashion. William Henry calls this the language of the...

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Cracking the Spelling Code

When people in other countries speak English, they usually translate it directly from their own language, which can lead to some strange sentences. The spelling of the UK and American versions of the English language diverged some time ago, when Benjamin Franklin, and other early Americans, "modernized" our spelling. Now scientists are asking...

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Cussing Nothing New

Despite the recent crackdown on bad language on television and radio shows, swearing is nothing new. In fact, many of the same words that are considered "clean" today were considered "dirty" in the past.

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You Only THINK You Speak English

Americans don't realize that the English they know is not the same as what the rest of the world speaks. As more and more people around the world speak English, the pronunciation and even the meanings of words will change. The same thing happened in the 18 century, when Americans switched from British English to their own unique form of the...

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Fewer English Speakers in the Future

While it seems as if more and more people, around the world, are now speaking English, a British language expert thinks that will change in the future. David Graddol says the number of people who speak English as a native language is falling, and the idea that English will become the world's main language "is past its sell-by date."


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Languages End But Monkey Talk Remains

Half of the 6,000 or so languages spoken in the world are threatened and human knowledge could be lost along with them. The ?Atlas of the World?s Languages in Danger of Disappearing? says dominant languages such as English, French, Spanish, Russian and mainstream Chinese are drowning out minority tongues at an fast rate.

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