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Will the Two Koreas Ever Reunite?

North Korea's third nuclear test is a good time for China to re-evaluate its longstanding alliance with the Kim dynasty. If China wants to increase its profitable alliance with US, it should press for the reunification of Korea.

In the February 28th edition of the Financial Times, Deng Yuwen writes: "A relationship between...
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Korea Missile Test Fails

UPDATE - North Korea tested five missiles, one of them a long-range weapon of the type that could reach the United States. This missile, a Taepodong Type 2, failed 40 seconds into its flight, in all probability due to a fuel system breakdown.

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North Korea Threatens Over Stealth Deployment

Reacting to the US announcement last week that it woulddeploy 15 F-117 Stealth Bombers to South Korea, the Northhas claimed that the action is a preparation for war. ThePentagon described the deployment as a routine trainingmission, but the North reacted angrily, calling the action a"malicious challenge."

Tensions are high between the US...

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