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Discovery of a Secret Chamber

A secret chamber, which was hidden for 400 years and may have been used by early Masons, has just been discovered in the UK. The room is about 6 feet high, with 6 feet by 5 feet of floor space, and...
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Pagan Symbolism in D.C.

Three years ago, we posted this story, which, in light of this week's Dreamland, is relevant all over again: "On August 30, 2004, at the GOP convention convened in New York City, no one except William Henry noticed that President George W. Bush accepted the Republican nomination while standing in the Seal of Atlantis combined with the early...

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Knights Templar DNA

Scientists have found DNA traces that link some people in Lebanon to the medieval crusaders from Europe who were known as theKnights Templar.

The Genographic Project is trying to track human migrations through DNA. In BBC News, Paul Rincon writes that ?thousands of men from England, France, Germany and Italy came through Lebanon on four...

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An Incredible Weekend on Dreamland!

Nazis, new planets and theArk of theCovenant?what a week it is on Dreamland! This week, wejourney deep into the middle east in search of the Ark ofthe Covenant with British author and adventurer GrahamPhillips. You will learn more about the secrets of the Arkin this program than you have ever thought possible. FollowGraham's thrilling journey...

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Knights Templar Search Chapel for Lost Treasure

The remaining members of the Knights Templar, who built Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland in the 15th century, are going to use modern, non-invasive technology, such as ultra-sound and thermal imaging, to search the structure for ancient relics. There are legends that saying that everything from the early gospels to the Ark of the Covenant and even...

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Mystery of the Rosslyn Cubes

The 213 cube symbols carved into the stone ceiling ofRosslyn Chapel in Scotland, built by the Knights Templar in1477, remain a mystery. Some people believe they?re a kindof musical notation system that records a melody of greatspiritual significance to the Templars.

Now a Matsushita of Japan, which owns Panasonic, is tryingto decode the...

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Modern Knight Templar Dead In Israel

A Scottish tourist who died mysteriously in Israel may have been a member of the secret organization known as theKnights Templar. Israeli journalist Barry Chamish says that he has evidence that the heart was removed after his death,as part of an ancient ritual. Israeli officials claim that the removal took place during a routine autopsy, but...

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Jesus in Japan?

Shingo, a tiny farming community in Japan, claims that Jesus raised a familythere, and they say they can prove it. They call themselves Kirisuto noSato, meaning "Hometown of Christ."

There are legends from sources like the Knights Templar of Jesus and hisfamily escaping to France after he was taken down from the cross stillalive, but the...

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