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The Why of This Brutal Winter

As predicted on's Climate Watch last fall, this is proving to be a winter of extraordinary fury both in the United States and Europe. England is experiencing the worst flooding in 250 years, and winter records are being broken all across the United States. Meanwhile the Austral summer is entering the record books because of its...
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New Orleans Levees in Trouble

Update: - As Hurricane Gustav came ashore, it continued movingquickly, driven by a high pressure system to the south. Inaddition, instead of crossing an area of higher watertemperature just south of New Orleans, Gustav encountered cooler water in the same area. This combination caused it to lose rather than gain strength as it...

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Horror in Burma: One of History's Cruelest Moments

Update: Cyclone to Cause World Rice Shortage - Until Cyclone Nargis struck, Burma was the world's 7thlargest rice producer. Now analysts are concerned thatproduction may plummet, causing rice shortageseven in first world countries. On May 8, Burma's dictatorordered that all aid to the country be embargoed, eventhough the UN...

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Katrina Survivors in Toxic Trailers

First we use illegal immigrants to clean up the mess left by Hurricane Katrina. Then we house the survivors in trailers that have been called "toxic tin cans." Many Katrina survivors have lived in these trailers for close to one year.With more destructive weather on the way, we need to be concerned about what's going on.

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Wilma Grows at Record Speed

Hurricane Wilma grew with unprecedented speed on Tuesday,moving from Category 2 to Category 4 in an hour, then toCategory 5 in another 2 hours. This massive storm now hassustained winds of 175 miles an hour, andappears to contain the lowest barometric pressure everrecorded. Normally, ahurricane will require 10 to 24 hours to increase by...

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Wilma Most Powerful Ever: Florida Threatened

Hurricane Wilma has become the most powerful AtlanticHurricane ever recorded, and it appears poised to strikeFlorida. The storm is likely to come ashore with 165 MPHwinds on Florida' south coast, and roll up the state'seastern shore, declining from a Category 5 hurricane to atropical storm as it does so. The storm will initiallystrike with...

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Wilma Aims at Gulf

The National Hurricane Center declared Tropical Storm Wilma this morning, the 21st named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane season. This ties the record for a hurricane season, and after the warmest September on record, there remains the possiblity that the season could extend into November.

Wilma appears poised to enter the Gulf of Mexico...

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Rita Disintegrating Inland

As Hurricane Rita came ashore near Beaumont, Texas, it wasdowngraded to a tropical storm and continues to weaken as itmoves inland. The system is moving slowly and is expected todump upwards of 10 inches of rain across east Texas andLouisiana, with 5 or more inches in New Orleans.Nevertheless, early damage assessments suggest that there...

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Gulf Buoys Recording Massive Waves

National Data Buoy Center recording buoys are transmittingwave heights in excess of 30 feet beneath Hurricane Rita.This suggests a possible storm surge in excess of 22-24 feetif the storm does not weaken dramatically in the next fewhours. As Rita moves closer to shore, it is also crossingsomewhat cooler waters and weakening. But on Friday it...

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Rita Category 5, Gigantic Catastrophe Looms

Hurricane Rita has become a Category 5 storm while stillwell out to sea. At present the storm carries 165 MPH winds.Unless it deflects over the Yucatan peninsula, it is likelyto slam into the US Gulf Coast as one of the most powerfulhurricanes ever recorded.

A diminishing possiblity is that the storm will becomestationary or extremely...

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Hurricane Hits Norway

Hurricane Maria moved across the Atlantic and, still intactas a category 1 hurricane, struck the coast of Norway onSeptember 15, causing widespread flooding and leaving oneperson dead.

Maria hit the western shores of Scandinavia with winds of 60miles an hour.

"The hurricane didn't touch the American coasts and hastherefore...

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New Orleans Levee Breaks

A massive break in the 17th Street levee is flooding the city of New Orleans. Jefferson and Plaquemine Parishes are under martial law. Nobody is being allowed into the city.The 200ft wide break is expected to continue flooding untilthe water level in the city reaches that of LakePonchatrain. Huge sandbags are being airlifted to the cityin an...

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Tearful Governor: Evacuate New Orleans

Governor Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana, choking back tears,has announced that the city of New Orleans must beevacuated. In a press conference called half an hour ago,she described the situation as "untenable" and announcedthat everybody in all the rescue centers in the city wouldbe removed, as well as all residents and nonessentialgovernmental...

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No Flooding in Central New Orleans, but Losses May be Great

Although New Orleans narrowly missed being the first US cityeverdestroyed by a storm this morning when Hurricane Katrinafirst diminished slightly in power, then edged east, thelack of information from areas in the storm's path is amatter of the most serious concern. At least 50 deaths havealready been reported, and many neighborhoods and towns...

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Katrina Downgraded to Cat. 3

Hurricane Katrina began to lose power dramatically as it moved towardNew Orleans, and has been downgraded by the National WeatherService to a Category 3 hurricane, with maximum sustainedwinds of 135 MPH. This is still a dangerous storm, and thereremains a possibility that New Orleans' levee system will bebreached, but this is getting less...

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Katrina Turns into Gulf Monster

Thousands of people along the coast of the Gulf of Mexicofrom Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle were urged toevacuate as Hurricane Katrina gathered strength and aimedfor the US gulf coast. The hurricane is expected to makelandfall by Monday as a Category 4 storm, with sustainedwinds of 140 MPH. Meanwhile, extremely hot and humid airacross...

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