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Weekender: Should Animals Gain Judicial Rights?

We do not have to look far in our immediate environments to find an example of an animal who is being confined, suppressed, or treated as a commodity. Despite a constantly increasing awareness of animal rights, they are still regarded as "lesser beings" when compared to the human race.
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Should We Be Nicer to Criminals?

Justice is different in different countries. In Mexico, they don't feed you in prison--if your family doesn't bring you food, you'll starve. US prison conditions vary, but our sentences are long compared to prison sentences in Europe or Scandinavia. We may not be...
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Law Courts Need to Use Their Brains

Our laws have not kept up with new discoveries in neuroscience, meaning that a jury could declare someone guilty when a crime isn't necessarily his (or her) fault. How should insights about the brain affect the course of a criminal trial, from the arguments in a...
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