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The Capture House

In Whitley's latest Journal, he writes about a warning he received that turned out to be real, and his journeys to find the secrets of his childhood. He says, "I woke up one night to find a person standing in our bedroom?She said three words to me." This is only the beginning of his extraordinary adventure and quest for truth.


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The Terrible Embrace of God

In his latest Journal, Whitley writes about results from our contact meditation and messages that may exist in recent crop circles. He says, "I cannot express how marvelous I think that this successful communication is?It does suggest that we are finally making some real progress in freeing human consciousness from the chains of ideology that...

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Climate Change is Coming Fast, but We Can Fix It?Easily!

In his new Journal, Whitley writes about the hows and whys of global warming and says, "?The world remains rudderless and leaderless regarding global warming. European leaders, relying on the untested and probably hopeless mandates reached under the Kyoto protocol, wait now in silence for a better day. Meanwhile the Americans remain mired down...

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Summer of Promise, Summer of Danger

Whitley writes in his new journal, "?This planet is in the process of an extinction event?I believe?that there is somebody in close contact with us?on the ground, in fact, and in control of much government apparatus?who does not want us to grow and survive; who, in fact, seeks our death. Something else, calling to us from outside, speaks on...

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Whitley's Journal: Strange Days

In his latest Journal, Whitley Strieber talks about his joys and sadness in this strange time in which we're living. He has a "growing sense that all the small changes we are seeing around us add up to great change, profound change. That sense is getting stronger?In fact, practically everybody I know has this same feeling that we are standing...

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Whitley's Journal: The World in Evening Light

Whitley Strieber writes, "We are going to experience both sudden climate change and magnetic pole shift over the same few years?and that by the end of another ten years or so, we will be living in a world with radically different weather and a magnetic field that is no longer organized, but in a state of flux?So then I must ask about why it...

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Whitley's New Journal Entry

Whitley Strieber has experienced a serious family tragedy. He writes here about the struggle to cope, and the painful moral and emotional questions involved. To read the entry, click here.

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