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Find a Paranormal Profession

The recession has hit some people harder than others. For instance, how does a Wiccan, psychic investigator,...
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Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Studies have shown that attractive people get more attention. Beautiful women, for instance, get promoted more often. But when it comes to APPLYING for the job, sex roles are reversed: Women who attached an attractive photo to their resumes...
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Our Economy is Faltering Because We're Not Bored

What can be done to create more JOBS? ONE thing we can do is become more bored, because boredom leads to the kind of innovation that creates new kinds of employment.
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Don't Want to Take the Meeting? Send Your Avatar

In the future, everyone may have an avatar--a double who does tasks that you don't want to perform. Your avatar will make a better impression than you would and, since you program it, everyone else it deals with (who may be avatars themselves) will know that its decisions are the same as yours.
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Time to Go Home?

In the US, why are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? Part of the answer has to do with where you live. Economist Ronni Pavan says, "Our results show that overall up to one-third of the growth in the wage gap between the rich and the poor is driven by city size independent of workers' skills." In other words, if you...
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If You Work the Night Shift

It was once thought that women working the night shift were at more risk for breast cancer, and then researchers decided this wasn't true. But a new study shows that men who work long hours under artificial lights may be a greater risk for prostate cancer.

Worldwide, countries with the highest levels of artificial light at night also...

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