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Saudi Israel

We recently wrote about "Saudi America," meaning that, thanks to increasing gas reserves, the US will soon no longer be so dependent on Middle Eastern oil as oil-fired manufacturing processes, like coal, are...
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Arabic Readers See the World Differently

A new study shows that Arabic readers recognize words in a different way from readers of other languages. Does this mean their brains are different? If so, it could help explain the continual tensions...
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Is Israel Killing Iranian Scientists?

Is Israel targeting Iranian nuclear scientists using motor scooters? When 32-year-old chemist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was killed by a someone on a motorcycle who placed a bomb on his car, then sped off, it was the 5th time in two years that a scientist from...
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Has a New War Started?

Secret attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities may be under way by Israel. Israeli officials said in a recent report that a "mysterious explosion" two days ago at an Iranian nuclear facility was "no accident." Satellite images show smoke coming from an...
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Will Israel Attack Iran Soon?

We talked about this three years ago, and now it's being discussed again--this time officially. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to rally support in his cabinet for an attack on Iran, and defense minister Ehud Barak and foreign minister Avigdor...
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So Many Problems in the Middle East

Even reptiles reflect this - War zones are everywhere these days: There are many problems along the border between Israel and Jordan, one of the places the Palestinians came from. Even the reptiles are different (they're more cautious in Jordan).

There are more reptile species in Jordan than in Israel. Biologist Uri...

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Bizarre Israeli Intelligence Failure

To the astonishment of the world intelligence community,Israel failed to intercept a Hizbollah drone that flew overthe northern Israeli town of Nahariya on November 8.

The reason was that a Patriot Missile battery that couldhave shot the drone down had been removed from the westernGalilee area had been removed on that day. Hezbollah...

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Israel Will Fight Back This Time

Israel has greater military capabilities than it did during the Gulf War, and will certainly retaliate against any Iraqi missile strike on them during our war against Iraq. This could complicate and length the war. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says he won't be bound to restraint if Iraq fires weapons of mass destruction against Israel.

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Palestinians Want It All

?At least the terrorist organization Hamas does. The Palestinian Authority says it has failed to get them to agree to stop suicide bombings. Hamas also refuses to go along with an agreement to establish a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern Jerusalem, because they want to conquer all the territory that is now the state of...

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Arabs Use Oil Threat

Jordan?s Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher has told the Israeli Ambassador, David Dadonn, that ?if Israel pursues its actions against the Palestinians and does not immediately withdraw, Jordan will take measures.? He also asked the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to send an international military force to the Palestinian...

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Tomb of Crucifixion Witness Found

A 2,000-year old shrouded body found in a tomb near Jerusalem could be that of a witness to Christ's crucifixion, according to British archaeologist Shimon Gibson, who is director of the Jerusalem Archaeological Field Unit. He discovered the remains as he showed students around 1st-century tombs in the Hinnom Valley. They consist of bones and a...

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Secret Excavations May Destroy Mosque

We recently reported that a group of Orthodox Jews want to lay cornerstones for a new temple at or near one of the major centers of Islam, Jerusalem?s Dome of the Rock, or Al Aqsa Mosque, which was built on top of the ruins of the 2nd Jewish temple that was destroyed by the Romans 2,000 years ago. In order to discredit this attempt, a group of...

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Was Saddam Involved?

Laurie Mylroie, the author of Study of Revenge: Saddam Hussein's Unfinished War Against America, believes that Saddam may well have had a role in both the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the September 11 catastrophe.

The 1993 bombing came on Feburary 26, the second anniversary of the end of the Gulf War. Shortly before the...

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War Declaration Being Prepared

Congress is working late tonight on a declaration of war which will probably be similar to the act passed in 1991 after Iraq invaded Kuwait.

Rep. Dave Weldon, (R-Fla.) is preparing a declaration, and congressional leaders are in contact with the White House about it. Representative Weldon believes that he will have enough information to...

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John Hogue on the Nostradamus 'New City' Prophecy on Dreamland

Many, many people have written in the past twenty-four hours calling attention to the Nostradamus prophecies that seem to relate directly to the World Trade Center bombing. In fact, there does appear to be a major connection. But is it real, or in the eye of the beholder? And, if the connection is as strong as it seems, what do we do with it...

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Whitley's Journal: What Next?

Whitley has some very unique and specific ideas about what we need to do to solve the problem of terrorism. They involve a judicious use of military power, a return to a very old form of intelligence gathering and some plain good sense.

He is bound to surprise you with his ideas--forthright, plain-spoken and just plain smart. He also...

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A Statement from Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber wrote this story a year ago:I think that the most important thing we can all do now is pray. Prayer is real and it offers succor to the suffering and the dead. I have always feared that a great terrorist attack might take place against our just and beloved homeland. This has now happened, and as yet we do not know whether or...

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US Continental Military Commands are moving to threatcon level alerts. These alert levels are associated with immediate threat and warfare. Air Force One has landed at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, after initially leaving Florida for Washington.

The President has stated that the US military and government are intact and still functional....

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As of 3:00PM EST there is no evidence that a fast-spreading fire is going to occur in lower Manhattan, however there continues to be concern that other buildings in the area may collapse. A debris mass five stories high, still burning, is all that remains of the World Trade Center. At least a dozen people jumped from the upper floors of the...

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The Underground Pentagon has been activated. Command, control and communications with US forces worldwide remain intact. At present, all aircraft in Continental US airspace are on the ground. A handful of flights are still approaching the West Coast from abroad. The Mexican border is closed and there is heightened security both on the Canadian...

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Air Force One landed at Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska a few moments ago. The old US Strategic Air Command Headquarters is located at Offut., and extensive communications facilities remain available there. The president then continued on to Washington, D.C.

Opinion: the movements of the President and his presence at Offut suggest that...

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The Euro shot from 89 to 91 cents, oil rose three dollars a barrel, and European stocks were set back sharply. London's FTSE Index closed down 5.72%, the CAC 40 in Paris dropped 7.39% and Frankfurt's DAX fell 9.1%. These are astonishing drops for these exchanges, where a change of one or two percent marks a day of substantial change.


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At 5:22, Building 7, a 25 story building in the World Trade Center complex collapsed.

As of 5:20PM EST, it was believed that as many as twenty thousand people may have been in the World Trade Center when the twin towers were struck by hijacked aircraft between ten and ten thirty this morning. Many of these people would have been able to...

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Top US officials are leaking information that there is evidence that master terrorist Osama bin Laden appears to be responsible for today's attack on America. Bin Laden was responsible for the attack on the USS Cole in October of 2000, and numerous other terrorist actions in recent years.

The Taliban government of Afghanistan said...

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At 6:02PM EST CNN began transmitting videotape from Kabul, Afghanistan showing explosions on the ground and incoming missiles. There are multiple detonations taking place in the city, but there is as yet no evidence of attacks elsewhere in Afghanistan.

Observers familiar with military ordnance have identified the exhaust plumes of the...

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Thee hundred New York City firemen and approximately thirty policemen are missing and believed dead in the World Trade Center catastrophe.

This is the largest number of American emergency service personnel ever killed in a single day in the line of duty. Many of them were inside the World Trade Center towers attempting to control the...

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Israel Plans for War While Rabbis Await New Messiah

Israeli generals are planning for a possible massive invasion of Palestinian territories if the current Mideast cease-fire fails. A report published by the Jane?s Information Group in London says the goal would be to destroy Palestinian armed forces and the Palestinian Authority, forcing Chairman Yasser Arafat back into exile, where he spent 12...

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Israeli Journalist Under Attack, Fights Back

Israeli journalist Barry Chamish has been attacked in the Jerusalem Post because of his work suggesting that former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated not by a lone gunman but as part of a political plot, by his own bodyguards.

The Post used the fact that Chamish has carried out UFO investigations to suggest that his...

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World Secretly Preparing for Mideast War

U.S. European Command (EUCOM) military forces will be upgraded from condition "Bravo" to condition "Charlie" by January 20. "Alpha" is the lowest alert status and "Delta" is the highest. Anonymous sources have leaked the fact that these forces may be headed to Israel "within a few weeks." This includes all U.S. forces stationed in Europe, such...

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