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What Makes Homegrown Muslims Turn Radical?

In the past few years, people in the US and UK have been horrified to discover that many of the terrorists in their midst are "home grown," that is, citizens of their countries who have embraced a radical...
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Female Circumcision Not Part of Islam

The war against Islamic fundamentalists means that we in the West need to accept the moderate version of Islam?since the religion itself is here to stay. Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia has said, "As we believe in Moses and Jesus, so the Jews and Christians should also believe in our Prophet Mohammad." One of the things that troubles Westerners...

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Muslim Woman Killed for Dating Catholic

Eight years ago a young Muslim woman in Jordan named Dalia was stabbed to death by her father because she'd fallen in love with Michael, a Catholic in the Jordanian army. When Dalia's father found out about their meetings, he stabbed her 12 times, and waited to make sure she was dead before calling an ambulance. Since it was an "honor killing...

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