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U.S. Plan to Take Over the World?

A secret document reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure a "regime change" even before he took office in January 2001. The Bush team planned to evict Saddam with or without UN approval. Not only that?they also planned to use their administration to effect a defacto world conquest?...

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We're on the March, But Can We Win?

Despite official U.S. government announcements that we have not yet decided if we will invade Iraq, the military has ordered the movement of tens of thousands of men and tons of supplies to the Gulf region on a scale not seen since Desert Storm. We're going ahead with the war against Iraq, despite the fact that when we played out the scenario...

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Satellite Reveals Iraq Nuke Sites

The September 6 New York Times reports that a team of weapons inspectors studying satellite photography have identified several sites in Iraq where they suspect nuclear weapons are being made. These are sites with new construction that has taken place since the last inspections four years ago.

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Are We Invading Iraq for the Oil?

The U.S. military buildup is now estimated to consist of up to 100,000 troops positioned within striking distance of Iraq. In the midst of these preparations for a new war in the Middle East, one question is never asked: Are we doing it for the oil? If we could gain control of Iraq, we would no longer have to rely on Saudi Arabia for oil. This...

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Iraq War by November 30

The United States will launch its attack on Iraq by November 30, according to Israeli military sources, quoted in the Israeli newspaper Maariv. A U.S. military delegation revealed the plans in briefings with Israeli and Jordanian military officers. One American officer said, "President Bush has decided this time to kill Saddam Hussein, not like...

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Al-Qaeda Hiding in Iraq

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld says al-Qaeda terrorists are inside Iraq and supported by the Iraqi government. "I have said repeatedly that there are al-Qaeda in Iraq," he says. "There are. They have left Afghanistan, they have left other locations, and they've landed in a variety of countries, one of which is Iraq." This may be the "...

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Israel May Nuke Iraq

Israel thinks Iraq is preparing to launch a missile attackat any time. "Israel should be prepared to face an Iraqiattack at any moment," says Israeli Science Minister MatanVilnai. The head of the Israeli air force, Zeev Schiff, haswarned Iraq that Israel won't show the restraint it didduring the Gulf War, when Iraq fired Scud missiles atIsraeli...

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Iraq Making More Germ Weapons

A U.S. spy satellite has spotted activity at the Tajifactory in Iraq, where they think Saddam Hussein is makingbiological or nuclear weapons. After the 1991 Gulf War,weapons inspectors found out the plant had produced hundredsof liters of Botulinum toxin. Iraq is also making mobilebiological-weapons vans there. Defense Secretary DonaldRumsfeld...

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Iraq War Will Cost Plenty

A U.S. attack on Iraq could profoundly affect the Americaneconomy, because this time, the United States would have tofoot most of the bills. Eleven years ago, the Persian Gulfwar cost the U.S. and its allies $61.1 billion. $48.4billion of that was paid by other nations. The cost of thatwar in 2002 dollars was $79.9 billion.

In 1991, our...

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The Wrath of a Madman

How is Saddam Hussein reacting to President Bush?s threat to do away with him? For the real scoop, we go to the Kurdish Institute. The Kurds, long-time enemies of Saddam, report on a secret meeting of the Hussein family and top Iraqi intelligence and military leaders, where Hussein expressed his fear and wrath?and his intention to strike first...

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Iraq Smuggling Nukes in Aid to Syria

The London Times reports that Iraq is smuggling nuclear arms parts on aid flights that are carrying relief supplies to Syria from Baghdad, after a Syrian dam collapse killed 20 people and left 30,000 homeless. So far, Iraq has sent 24 planes containing aid to Syria and smuggled back arms parts on the return journeys. Intelligence reports say...

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TV Ready for Iraq War

According to the Israeli newspaper Yedi'ot Aharonot, a CNN film crew has been studying rooftops along Tel Aviv?s seafront in recent weeks so they?ll be able to film the action in case Iraq launches missiles at Israel. Do they know something the rest of us don?t?

In the 1991 Gulf war, Iraqi missiles fell on towns in the Dan District, and...

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Playing the Oil Threat Card

Iran?s leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called on Islamic oil-producing countries to suspend their exports to ?pro-Israel? countries. ?The oil belongs to the people and can be a weapon against the West and those countries who support the savage regime of Israel,? he says. Khamenei says exports should be stopped ?for a symbolic period of one...

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Iraq Supports Suicide Bombers

Andrea Mitchell, the NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent, reports that intelligence sources have told NBC that Saddam Hussein provides money for the families of suicide bombers, which is channeled through the extremist group Hamas.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has harshly criticized Iraq, as well as Iran and Syria, as...

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Iraq Attack?Will We Do It Alone?

Vice President Dick Cheney says any future ?aggressive action? against Iraq will be backed by the international community. ?I think if aggressive action is required, I would anticipate that there will be the appropriate support for that both from the American people and the international community,? he says.

The Pentagon and the CIA...

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Iraq Threatens Israel

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U.S. Plans to Attack Iraq

George Bush has ordered a plan to destroy the government of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, according to the Sunday Observer newspaper in the U.K.

The Pentagon plans air attacks on Iraqi installations as well as attacks by Iraqi opposition forces on Baghdad, the same way the Northern Alliance was used to attack Khabul in Afghanistan...

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U.S. Will Invade More Countries

According to the Sunday Times of London, the war on terrorism will soon be extended to three new countries, with targets linked to al-Qaeda in Somalia, Sudan and Yemen at the top of the hit list. ?We have the wind at our backs and we don?t want to lose it,? says a senior Washington source.

The first targets could be hit as early as late...

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President Expands Scope of War, Threatens Iraq

President Bush today demanded that Iraq allow UN weapons inspectors who were expelled in 1998 to return to the country and complete their work. When asked what would happen if Iraqi president Saddam Hussein refused, Bush stated, "he'll find out."

In addition, a number of other nations have been mentioned as possible targets of the US war...

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Senator Backs Pressure on Iraq

Senator Joseph Lieberman has urged the Bush administration to support democratic opponents of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, the same way we are supporting opposition to the Taliban in Afghanistan. However, he stopped short of calling for an immediate military strike on Iraq. The Connecticut senator says there should be a ?phase two?...

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Administration in Conflict Over Iraq Connection

According to an article by Stephen F. Hayes in the Weekly Standard, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz is the principal administration proponent of the idea that Saddam Hussein must be deposed as part of the war on terrorism.

However, the administration, led by Secretary of State Colin Powell, has been backing away from...

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Hijacker Met with Iraqi Intelligence Officials

Mohammed Atta, who is suspected of being one of the hijackers aboard the first plane that struck the World Trade Center on Tuesday, met earlier this year with an Iraqi intelligence official in Europe, according to a U.S. government source.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey has been very public about his belief that the high degree of...

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Iraq Prepares for War

The Iraqi military has been placed on alert around Baghdad and in northern and southern Iraq. This includes the operation of anti-aircraft batteries and the opening of weapons storehouses. Iraq has obtained at least 200 tank transporters from Russia and has plans to import up to 1,300 such vehicles in an effort to compensate for a lack of spare...

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Sharon Wins, Mideast Slides Toward War

Ariel Sharon has become the new Prime Minister of Israel after a landslide win in the election today. Palestinian leaders have pledged to work with him toward peace, but there is pessimism that the peace process will continue in any meaningful way.

Palestinians said that Tuesday would be a "day of rage." There were clashes between...

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Iraq Says It's Ready To Attack Israel

A senior Iraqi army general has said that their artillery units could hit targets deep inside Israel if they can bemoved to a site Israel's border. Lieutenant-General Yassin Taha Mohammed said, "Our artillery forces are ready any timeto hit targets deep inside the Zionist entity whenever we are ordered to do so."

President Saddam Hussein...

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