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UFOs on Dangerous Ground

Neighboring rivals China and India, who are having border disputes ranging from the exile of the Dalai Lama from Tibet to India to trade deficits, are now being swarmed by UFOs--all along that contentious border. Over 100 UFOs have been seen there recently.
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Kidneys for Sale

When we hear news about Iran's nuclear ambitions, we think of it as a prosperous country, but some people there are desperately poor and some of them are selling their kidneys to make money, since you can survive with just one.

Iran is the only country...
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Is Israel Killing Iranian Scientists?

Is Israel targeting Iranian nuclear scientists using motor scooters? When 32-year-old chemist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was killed by a someone on a motorcycle who placed a bomb on his car, then sped off, it was the 5th time in two years that a scientist from...
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Has a New War Started?

Secret attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities may be under way by Israel. Israeli officials said in a recent report that a "mysterious explosion" two days ago at an Iranian nuclear facility was "no accident." Satellite images show smoke coming from an...
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Will Israel Attack Iran Soon?

We talked about this three years ago, and now it's being discussed again--this time officially. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to rally support in his cabinet for an attack on Iran, and defense minister Ehud Barak and foreign minister Avigdor...
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Were Russians Working on Iranian Nukes Murdered?

Five Russian scientists who were advising Iranian nuclear experts on the design of an Iranian atomic facility were among the 44 killed in a recent air crash in Russia. Iranian nuclear experts have been involved in similar accidents in the past. Are these really "...
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Are we about to attack Iran?

Seven years ago, the US suddenly, and without warning, invaded Iraq. There is evidence that we are about to attack Iran in the same way. Was this predicted by a monk centuries ago?

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War Games

The military often uses special "games" to play out scenarios about whether or not it would be wise to undertake a certain military exercise (but do they pay attention to the results? That's another topic!) It turns out that this is one of the things that has been done with regard to whether or not Iran will use its nuclear capacity to build a...

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Are We About to Enter ANOTHER War?

The Jerusalem Post says that Israel is seriously considering an attack on Iran to prevent it from building nuclear weapons. This is not the first time that an impending attack on Iran by Israel has been rumored. Recently, the International Atomic Energy Agency changed its position on Iranian nuclear capabilities and said that Iran is now...

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Does Israel Plan to Attack Iran?

Recent Wargames suggest they will - Is Israel going to do our dirty work for us? BBC News and the New York Times report that Israel just carried out what seems to have been a "rehearsal" for an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

The US has admitted that more than 100 Israeli fighter jets took part in maneuvers over the...

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More Internet Cables Cut in Mideast

On January 23, two major undersea internet cables were cutoff the Egyptian port of Alexandria, and it was widelythought to be an accident involving a ship leaving the port.Then a cable was cut in the Persian Gulf. It was severed intwo places, off Dubai and off the Iranian port of BandarAbbas. The effect of these cuts was to slow the...

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Cable Breaks Leave Iran Without Internet

Last week, two fiberoptic cables carrying internet trafficwere cut in a supposed accident involving a ship near Egypt.Now a third cable has been cut off the coast of Dubai. Thethird cable segment lies between the United Arab Emiratesand Oman, about 40 miles from Dubai. All three cuts arebeing blamed on ships dragging anchors due to heavy...

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War With Iran on the Way

As Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad landed in New York for a UN meeting and a controversial visit to Columbia University, Senator Charles Liberman (D-Mass) introduced a bill paving the way for an attack on Iran and former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski warned that administration statements about Iran were disturbingly...

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Did Nostradamus Predict Coming Bush Bombing of Iran?

Will we attack Iran next? Prophet John Hogue talks about why we thinks we will in this week's incredible Dreamland show! In his new Insight, John Hogue writes that the coming US air strike attack against Iran is revealed in the prophecy of Nostradamus. Don't miss this exciting prediction, and remember: you read it HERE first!


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Brits Kidnapped by Iran in Retaliation for US Kidnap Attempt

This hasn't yet been reported in the US media, but Patrick Cockburn reports in the British newspaper the Independent that the 15 British sailors who are being held by the Iranian military were kidnapped on March 23 because of a "failed American attempt to abduct two senior Iranian security officers in a surprise raid during an official visit to...

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Possible US Troop Build-Up on Iran Border

More news about US militaryactivity nearthe Iran border: The Russian News & Information Agency(NOVOSTI) reports that Russian military intelligence is seeing a US troop build up along Iran's border with Iraq. This couldindicate a pending invasion of Iran OR it could mean that the US and its allies are attempting to spark a coup against the...

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The Invasion of Iran MAY HAVE BEGUN

UPDATE - The BBC reports that the US Navy has begun "war games" in the Iran region by sending two aircraft carriers, containing 100 war planes and over 10,000 soldiers, into the Gulf. Fly over air maneuvers have also begun. This is the largest "exercise" in the Gulf since our 2003 invasion of Iraq. A French group of ships are...

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Military Coup if We Attack Iran?

UPDATE - We recently delivered a warning that, despite all denials, the US is getting ready to bomb Iran?or perhaps have Israel do the job for us. In the March 5th issue of the New Yorker, Seymour Hersh says we are about to attack Iran, something he warned us about last April. UPDATE: There may be a US military revolt brewing...

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Are We About to Invade Iran? (Part III)

UPDATE - We recently asked the question, Are we about to invade Iran? We now have an two updates on this story, both containing information you won't learn from US news reports. FURTHER UPDATE: Politicians in Israel seem to be preparing the Israeli public for a military attack on Iran.

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MORE UFOs in Iran

We may be about to invade Iran and at the same time, UFO sightings there continue. A glowing yellow UFO with a red center was spotted over the city of Bouyer Ahmad in Iran on Wednesday. The FARS News Agency reports that a witness says it hovered in the sky for over an hour. Two days earlier, on Monday, another UFO was sighted in Iran. Military...

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Are We About to Invade Iran?

We have reported on UFO sightings, strange crashes and explosions in Iran recently that the Iranian government has connected with possible US surveillance activity. Now there are rumors that the US may be about to attack both Iran and Syria.

Gil Smart reports in Lancaster (PA) online that there are rumors flying around Washington, D.c....

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New Yorker Claims US Planning Nuclear War

The April 17 edition of the weekly magazine the New Yorkerwill contain anarticle by Seymour Hersh claiming that the United States is preparing a nuclear attack against Iran. In hisarticle, he states, "One of the military's initial optionplans, as presented to the White House by the Pentagon this winter, calls for the use of a bunker-buster...

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Iran Breaks Seals on Nuclear Facilities

The Iranian government announced that it had broken theseals placed on a group of highly controversial nuclearfacilities and resumed research that could lead to thecreation of a nuclear weapon. EU and US officials condemnedthe action in the strongest terms.

The French government saidthat the move was a "grave error", and the UK Foreign...

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Strong Rumors of Iran War

Persistent rumors in the international community suggestthat Israel, possibly with the help of the US, is about toattack and destroy the part of Iran's nuclear infrastructurethat is capable of producing nuclear weapons.

Officially, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has been tellingconcerned nations that Israel has ruled out the...

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If We Won't Do It, They Will

The administration has thrown out hints that we'd like to invade Iran, which harbors many of the terrorists we chased out of Afghanistan and Iraq, but we can't afford to extend our military any farther. Now Israel says they may do the job and destroy Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program.

Israel is alarmed by the failure of the...

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Iran is New Al-Qaeda Headquarters

Egyptian Saif al-Adel has become the new international leader of al-Qaeda and is reviving the terrorist organization with new methods and relationships with Islamic terrorist networks worldwide. He's been granted safe haven in Iran, although he's high on the FBI most-wanted list and has a $25 million price on his head. His authority comes...

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Iranians Fed Up with Religious Leaders

Iran feels under threat from the U.S. since it's now surrounded by U.S.-controlled Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the mullahs who run the country are being threatened from within, as reform Iranian MPs tell them that they'd better institute the reforms they promised, unless they want to end up like Saddam Hussein.

An open letter signed by 153...

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Iran Getting Ready to Fight

Iran used to be our enemy but lately, they've been acting more friendly. But the war against Iraq has them worried, and they're getting technological assistance from China and North Korea in order to develop missiles and weapons of mass destruction. They may want to defend themselves from their old enemy Iraq?or they may think that after we get...

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