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New Pocket Phone Chargers Could Spell Trouble For Sperm Health

As though they don't already spend enough time welded to their cellphones , Microsoft Mobile has now collaborated with menswear fashion designer A. Sauvage to create a pair of "techno-trousers" that will mean that a man never needs to be parted from his cell, even to charge its battery.
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Smartphone? Smartwatch!

In the March 14th edition of the Financial Times, Richard Waters writes: "What people choose to strap to their wrists has much to do not just with ease of use, but also fashion and self image." Swiss watch makers, who sell the most timepieces, know that their customers aren't just paying big bucks "just because they want to know the...
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Beware of Ipad Insomnia

One of the main causes of insomnia is watching TV in bed, but turning off the TV and picking up a book doesn't help, if the book you're reading is on a back lit e-reader.

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The Police State Creeps Closer

Several worrisome laws that restrict our freedom have been passed recently and now Apple has patented technology which would allow governments and police to block transmission...
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Smartphone Apps Protect and Warn

Iphones make many of us nervous, but new iphone apps can save you from both big and small problems. One of these apps warns you about high levels of solar activity, which fluctuates over an 11-year cycle, It's likely to peak over the next year, which could send...
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An Iphone That Gives You X-Ray Vision

What if you could use your iphone to develop the Superman-like skill of having X-ray vision? Well, now you can: A microchip enables a phone to see through walls, wood and plastics and--although the researchers deny this--through clothing as well, meaning you can...
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Some Smartphones are DESIGNED to be Hacked

Do you have the wrong kind of phone? New research shows that some of the smartphones specifically designed to support the Android mobile platform have incorporated additional features that can be used by hackers to bypass Android’s security features, making them more vulnerable to attack. Android has the largest share of the smartphone...
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Why You Love Your Phone

It's not just because you can have sex with it. Biologists and mathematicians have discovered that nature follows a formula known as the "golden mean," which refers to the proportions found in nature. It is a ratio based on "pi," the ratio of a circle's...
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Be a SPY with your Smartphone

Spies are everywhere these days (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) and their new tools--Smartphone cameras...
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