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Searching for a Lover Online? Watch Out!

A new study reveals that online daters, both men and women, usually fib about either their height or weight, and sometimes their age. In their internet ads, men systematically overestimated their height, while women more commonly underestimated their weight. Communications expert Jeffrey Hancock says, "Surprisingly, age-related deception was...

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Your Computer is Constantly Under Attack

Are hackers trying to get into your computer right now? And what are they up to? A recent university study reveals that computers with internet access are attacked an average of every 39 seconds.

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Our Server Will be Down Sunday AM

Our server will be down from 9-10 am Pacific time on Sunday, June 25, so read our great news and listen to our wonderful radio show today (and tomorrow afternoon)...and while you're here, subscribe today! We need your support.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Maybe You Shouldn't Give an Ipod for Christmas

The latest high-tech injury is iPod finger, arepetitive-strain injury from pressing down on the littlemusic player's tiny buttons.

Chiropractor Carl Irwin says, "iPod users are constantlyusing small, difficult buttons with the same finger in arepetitive motion." The nature of modern technology meansthat these devices are only going to...

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We're Back! was unreachable online for approximately5 hours on Sunday, due to the fact that its host,,was shut down by a power failure in downtown Toronto. The powerfailure was due to a broken water main and has been repaired.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links...

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Will Terrorists Strike the Internet Today?

A Russian newspaper reports that terrorists will paralyzethe internet on August 26th, according to Russian antivirusexperts.

Aleksandr Gostev says he got the information from certainwebsites, but he wouldn't say which ones. He says they'll betargeting the U.S. and Western Europe. Yevgeny Kasperskysays similar attacks earlier paralyzed...

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Thank China for Spam

We get many low cost imports from China, and one of these is computer spam. When internet researchers tracked spam messages, they found that 71% of them come from China.

Gideon Mantel, who tracks e-mail traffic, says most of those messages telling you how to increase your penis size or get a discount mortgage are linked to websites based...

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Computer Viruses Spread by OCD

About 3.3 million Americans have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and John C. Dvorak of PC Magazine thinks they're the ones spreading most of the computer viruses. He says, "With millions of compulsive people out there getting messages that say things like 'Open the important attachment!'?you don't need anything more than that simple demand...

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Microsoft Lawsuit Blamed for Computer Viruses

We have so many computer viruses and worms today because Microsoft essentially won the lawsuit which accused the company of stifling competition. This means that virtually all PCs use the same Windows operating system and thus share the same vulnerabilities, which can be easily passed on to other computers. Only the minority of Mac users escape...

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Annoying Pop-Ups Here to Stay

What most of us hate most about e-mail is spam, but pop-up ads are a close second. U-Haul went to court to complain that a moving company displayed pop-up ads when customers went to its U-Haul site and tried to get them removed as a violation of their copyright. However, a judge ruled against them. He says that when we surf the internet, we're...

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Iraqi Blogger Goes Public

One of the underground heroes of the Iraq war was the anonymous blogger who posted daily messages about what it felt like to live through the war. After the downfall of Saddam, Salam Pax came out of hiding, and now writes for the Guardian newspaper in the U.K. His latest blog tells what it's really like in Baghdad today.

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Internet Worm Spreading Fast

An Internet worm detected Monday is spreading around the world like wildfire. The worm has has been spreading rapidly across the Internet, according to the CERT Coordination Center, a government funded security watchdog group at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

The worm instructs infected computers to assault the Microsoft...

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Mass Hacker Attack Due Sunday

Watch out: The Department of Homeland Security and private technology experts are warning us that hackers plan to attack thousands of websites on Sunday in a coordinated "contest" that could disrupt traffic on the internet. Their goal is to vandalize 6,000 websites in six hours. The government has already detected surveillance probes by hackers...

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Mob Projects

Michelle Delio writes in about something new on the internet: Mob Projects, where a group of people agree by e-mail to suddenly turn up together to play a practical joke. Recently, 200 people went to Macy's department store in Manhattan to buy a "Love Rug" for their "commune," and gangs of drunken Santas have been seen in San...

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Suicide Pacts on the Internet

Kari Huus writes on that the Japanese, who have one of the highest suicide rates in the world, are forming suicide pacts on the internet. On Sunday, the bodies of four young Japanese men were found in a car, and evidence that they'd all agreed to kill themselves together was found on their computers. These suicide pacts have resulted...

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Cyber Charlie's Angels

Phuong Ly writes in the Washington Post about Maryland eighth graders and best friends Karen, Mary and Kristin, who are real-life "Charlie's Angels," helping the FBI bust internet pedophiles. In Operation Innocent Images, FBI agents pose as teenage girls and try to strike up internet conversations with these guys, hoping to catch them. But...

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Cookies on the Web

?Not the kind that pop up on the internet, asking for your vital statistics, but the kind you dip into tea and eat. There's now a website devoted to these kinds of cookies (or "biscuits," as the English call them), that rates which ones taste best.

The site features a "biscuit of the week" and helps people track down their childhood...

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Iranians Arrested for Internet Dating

Sixty-eight young Iranians men and women have been arrested for using a website dating service. The operators of the website were also arrested. The Basij militia enforce Iran's strict morality laws and often raid parties, but this is the first time they've acted against web users. Basij General Ahmad Rouzbehani says, "Some people were using an...

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Beware Internet Dating

An 28-year-old African studying medicine in Russia paid his tuition by running an internet dating scam in which he pretended to be a beautiful Russian woman searching for a mate. He posted a photograph from a magazine on the net, and convinced several British men to send "her" money for a visa so she could come and meet them. After the woman...

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China Net--No News, Just Porn

The Chinese block news and soft-core sex internet sites, but let porno sites through. They also block desperately needed AIDS information. A team from Harvard Law School spent 8 months testing more than 200,000 Chinese websites and discovered that nearly 20,000 sites are inaccessible there. They tested Saudi sites last year and found almost all...

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Close Call for the Internet

While most of us were innocently surfing away on our computers Monday evening, the entire internet was almost taken down. The FBI has launched an investigation into the attempt to destroy the net by trying to cripple key servers by deluging them with many times more data than they usually receive. But since servers are spread around the world,...

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Saudis Censor Western Websites

Over 2,000 U.S. websites are blocked by the SaudiGovernment, and not just pornography, either. Many of themare cultural information or woman's sites. "We foundblockage of quite a bit of content beyond political contentand pornography," says Ben Edelman of Harvard University."We found the blocking of content about women's history orsites about...

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Will WorldCom Take the Internet Down?

Bankrupt WorldCom may take the internet down with it. Theauction site eBay is already busy makingcontingency plans. "If the service ain't there, it ain'tthere. That's the bottom line," says eBay spokesman KevinPursglove. "It doesn't matter why or how it happened. Wejust need contingency plans to take care of customers."

In case of a...

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