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WEAR Your Wi-Fi

The next generation of communications systems could be built with a sewing machine. To make communications devices more reliable, researchers are finding ways to incorporate radio antennas directly into clothing, using plastic film and metallic thread. And you'll be able to POWER your...
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Don't Want to Get Hacked? Consult a Hacker

We're all afraid of "identity theft," and being spied on by our computers and smartphones--and even our toys--...
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Job Hunters: Be Careful What You Post on the Internet

Not everybody is happy about being in debt. People who are looking for a job should be concerned that they are being rated on social media...
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Our Website Has Been Updated

The Climate Watch section of has been updated, and indicates that exceptional heat is gripping the whole northern hemisphere, even as intense cold affects the southern. Dangerous drought conditions are affecting the Southwestern US and the Horn of Africa, and if...
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Hackers are Targeting the Rulers of the World

Everyone is spying on everyone else (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show): Robert Murdoch's News Corporation has gotten into trouble for hacking into the phones of politicians, royalty, and the...
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The New Kind of War is Cyber War

When we think of war, we think of the number of "boots on the ground" we have in Iraq and Afghanistan, but this type of war is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Instead, future wars will be fought with remote-controlled drones and...
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Beware of Internet Sex

We told you that there are spies on Facebook, but what's dangerous is sex offenders lurking on social media sites. Students and young adults are highly susceptible to being contacted by internet sex offenders from the very first time a chat session is initiated. A recent...
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Mind Control

It's not science fiction--it's almost here! For years, researchers have been trying to develop a car that drives itself, since most car crashes are due to human error. Now they've created a car that can be controlled by a driver's THOUGHTS. German engineers have...
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Facebook Tough on Marriage

A recent survey by divorce lawyers found that one in 5 divorces in the US were triggered by Facebook because a rising number of people are using social media to engage in extramarital affairs. Networking sites may be great for meeting someone, but once you're married, maybe you should close your computer!
Men who used to surreptitiously...
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New Tool Digs into the Past

Google Earth may soon replace shovels as the main tool that archeologists use to dig into the past (NOTE: Subscribers can still...
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Internet Kids

Many parents think their kids watch too much TV, and now that the internet and television are becoming more alike, many parents want to limit their kids' computer time too. And the more time adolescent girls spend in front of Facebook, the greater change they have of...
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Cyber War

The clean war? - In their 1985 novel WarDay, Whitley Strieber and Jim Kunetka explored the results of a possible limited nuclear war and found that while it was likely that the human race would survive, we would find ourselves in a much more limited world. Now the Pentagon is exploring the possibility of a cyber war. However,...

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When you DON'T want Wi-Fi

PAINT it out! - People with portable laptops are always looking for cafes and coffee shops that offer wifi. But after the "Wikileaks" scandal, where a website recently published 76,000 secret US military logs detailing military actions in Afghanistan, some offices want avoid this type of conspiracy in the future by making it...

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The Internet: A Tool for Democracy

As we finally exit Iraq, we are leaving some soldiers behind, but what we are leaving behind that is really important is the internet, because studies have shown that there can be no modern democracies without it.

As the last combat troops withdraw from Iraq, the country's citizens are left to sort out their future. New research shows...

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Get Granny Online!

For some people, the New Year brings new concerns about the elderly folks in their lives. If that's you, here's something you should know: The internet strengthens the brains of even older people. Middle-aged and older adults with little Internet experience were able to trigger key centers in the brain that control decision-making and complex...

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How Porn Gets on Your Computer

Even if you didn't put it there! - How bad can things get? A computer virus can place porn on your computer without your knowing it, and if the police search your computer, as happened to a couple recently, they could arrest you for having child pornography.

This could be done by someone looking for a place to "stash"...

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Computer Ants

And who invented the slash? - Tired of having to always type in "forward slash, forward slash" when you visit a website? Well, the scientist who created those slashes as part of web addresses now regrets that he did it that way. And to protect yourself from computer viruses, you may soon have ants in your computer.


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The Surprising Reason Why Your Computer is Running Slow

If your internet connection slows down, you usually blame your system or your server. But it could also be the weather: The internet may slow down when the weather is cold.

In, Cliff Kuang asked some engineers about this, and they replied that temperature could affect the conductivity of the copper wires in the system, since...

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Post by Whitley Strieber Blocked by Facebook as Abusive

It was about corn syrup! - It's evil corn again: On Saturday, August 15 Whitley Strieber posted an article tohis Facebook account from the Washington Post about a study that showed that high fructose corn syrup contains mercury.

Facebook blockedaccess to the Washington Post article, claiming that it wasabusive. Whitley'...

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Those Emails You Wrote in Haste

...will they come back to haunt you? - Spyware is sneaking onto our computers in nefarious ways. How can we protect ourselves from this sort of thing in the future?

The situation is getting serious: College Facebook posts or pictures can resurface during a job interview. A lost cell phone can expose personal photos or...

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Will We Only Have Internet News in the Future?

Right now, people are using BOTH - We pride ourselves on presenting only REAL news (which is why we have a link identifying our source at the end of every story), but not all websites are that careful. Many of them deal in speculation and even titillation for its own sake. But political blogs have become an important source for...

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Easier to Lie on the Internet

We've talked about Twitter morality and how it's easier to be nasty using email than to confront people face to face. Scientists have found that it's easier for people to lie on the internet too.

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Twitter Using Only Your Brain

Whitley twitters. We've talked about Twitter morality. Now we have news about people who can twitter using only their brains. And will the internet ITSELF someday be conscious (the Master of the Key said this would happen). Or is it conscious already?

Adam Wilson posted a Twitter message just by thinking about it. Just 23 characters long...

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How Spam Creates Global Warming

You may be contributing to global warming without even realizing it. It all has to do with Spam (the kind you eat AND the computer kind).

Researchers say that returning to the slimmer days (we're talking body weight here, not about the economy) of 40 years ago would not only help our health, it would help climate change AND the...

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Twitter Morals

If you Twitter, you should realize that rapid-fire media of this type may confuse your moral compass and you may end up sending messages that are harsher than a live conversation (or written letter) would be. Why does email sometimes cause us to act this way?

This happens because the emotions linked to our moral sense awaken slowly in...
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Our Growing Website Community

New blog by a Dreamland listener - Unknowncountry and Dreamland fan Jim Boyle has created a blog on called Navigating Dreamland that comments on Dreamland and keeps up with the activities of our great hosts! It's a thoughtful blog, and just another example of how our wonderful community is growing?and will continue...

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Out There: New Section on our Website

If you look along the top of our home page, underneath the masthead and to the right of "the news" tab, you'll see our brand new "Out There" section, and Whitley Strieber wants to thank you for making it such a hit. "Out There" aggregates UFO and other unusual news stories from around the world, and it has already been visited over half a...

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Internet Access to Middle East Cut Again

It happened before, then it happened again and it's STILL HAPPENING: underwater internet cables from connecting Europe and Asia to the Middle East have been mysteriously severed.

BBC News quotes international businessman Jonathan Wright as saying, "We've lost three out of four lines. If the fourth cable breaks, we're looking at a total...

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Send Email

...using only your brain! - We have reported before on technology that will enable paraplegics to control an internet cursor using only their brain waves. Now researchers may have found a way for them to send email that way too (and it's one way to avoid spam)!

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On Sunday, March 9, from 2 to 3 pm Pacific, will be off the internet while we switch to a new server.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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