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Here are the results of Lynne McTaggart's latest intention experiment, which took place on July 7. She writes, "We tested whether intention can help barley seeds to sprout earlier and grow into a healthier plant with less disease. After we sent intention to one, randomly chosen set of seeds, the University of Arizona lab team planted our target...

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Intention Experiment Continues on Saturday

The last one worked, so they?re going to try again: Lynne McTaggart, author of The Intention Experiment, says, "This Saturday, July 7 at 10 am Pacific time, we will be holding our first Germination Intention Experiment. With this experiment, you and thousands of others around the world will send an intention to try to make barley seeds sprout...

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The Intention Experiment WORKED

On our March 17 Dreamland show, we interviewed Lynne McTaggart, who?along with Dr. Gary Schwartz?designed the Intention Experiment, which so many of our readers and listeners participated in. Now we have a report on the incredible results of that experiment.

Their first project was to make a geranium leaf glow. "We wanted to start from...

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