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A Great Catastrophe Threatens India

Cyclone Phailin has become a larger version of Hurricane Sandy, a huge storm packing winds of 160 miles per hour, striking at one of the most heavily populate low-lying areas on Earth. The cyclone has the potential to cause massive damage, but so far barely 70,000 people of the millions in its path have fled the region. Twenty-six of the thirty-...
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Muggers Who Never Get Caught--Maybe Because They're Not Human

Humans are just a higher form of animal, meaning that animals are a lot like us (and vice-versa). India has a major problem with aggressive monkeys that are overrunning its cities and even mugging its citizens.

India was once the world’s largest supplier...
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Another UFO Rumor from India Daily

India Daily has been publishing a series of stories aboutUFO activity in that country and Indian governmentinvolvement in it. Now the paper claims that a secret debateis taking place within the Indian government about whetheror not to disclose the Indian military's ongoing contactswith UFOs and extraterrestrials. No other source can befound for...

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Volcano Erupts in Earthquake Area

India's only active volcano, known as Barren-1, which islocated in the Andaman Islands chain about 80 milesnortheast of the capital, Port Blair, has begun erupting inthe aftermath of last Sunday's mega-quake.

Lava is flowing down the sides of the volcano, and lava andsteam are being emitted from the crater. While the volcanois not a...

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India and UFOs: What is Going On?

For some moths now, there have been rumors of extensive UFOactivity in India and western China, and of contacts betweenIndian officials and ETs.

These events are said to be centered on the Ladakh Valley,which lies between the Himalayas and Karakoram Mountains.Its average elevation is 14,000 feet, and the area is knownfor its climactic...

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Indian Remote Viewers in Intelligence Coup

India's intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing(RAW), its equivalent of the CIA, has arrested a largenumber of Pakistani intelligence agents in recent days, andremote viewing has played a significant role in the effort.Working with the Central Bureau of Intelligence, India'sequivalent of the FBI, RAW has apparently scored...

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India Faces Earthquakes, as Well as Nukes

Besides facing imminent nuclear war with Pakistan, India faces devastation from earthquakes, as well.Following an exhaustive geophysical and historical analysis, Roger Bilham and his team from Colorado University?s geological sciences department believe there will be one or more massive earthquakes in India in the near future, threatening...

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India-Pakistan War Would Kill Millions

A minimum of three million people would be killed and 1.5 million seriously injured if even a "limited" nuclear war broke out between India and Pakistan, a new study warns. The estimates are made up of the immediate casualty list from the blast, and deaths from fire and radiation if only a tenth of both countries' nuclear weapons were exploded...

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100,000 Thought Dead In India Quake

After an aerial reconnaissance of the area devastated by last week's earthquake, Indian Defense Minister George Fernandes says that one hundred thousand people may be dead and two hundred thousand or more injured.

In scenes reminiscent of the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, thousands of injured are jamming areas around overwhelmed...

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