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Do Doctors Really Believe In Vaccination?

It's Thanksgiving in the US, and for the rest of the world it is never a bad time to give thanks for all of our blessings.
There are many who count vaccines as one of the major blessings of the modern age, as they allegedly save thousands from the threat of harmful diseases.

Yet our confidence in the effectiveness of vaccines...
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On Off Switch for Immune System?

Not everyone's immune system is the same, but no matter how yours works, if it's causing you problems with diseases like cancer and diabetes, scientists may be able to find a way to switch that part of it OFF.

Recent studies suggest that intentionally infecting people who have auto immune disease (in which the body attacks itself) with...

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Why Women Get Sick Less Often

...than men do - There's something different about girls (and no, it's not what you're thinking!) New research suggests that women's immune systems are stronger than men's, probably because the XY chromosome arrangement is more fragile that the female XX. Also, the female hormone estrogen helps to block the disease process. But...

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