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UNcrossing the Border

During the Presidential debates, we continue to hear warnings about the "Mexicanization" of the US--a warning that whites may soon be in the minority and Spanish will become our lingua franca. But all this is irrelevant: We are having a REVERSE migration here right now,...
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Why Our Immigrants are Dying

One of the reasons some people are anti-immigration has to do with worry about paying for their health care. But the irony is this: The longer minority immigrants stay in the US, the higher their risk of ...
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Immigration May HELP the Economy

Should we welcome them instead of putting up fences? - There is a lot of controversy going on about immigration right now, but some economists think that countries that restrict it might be missing out on a great economic development.

Economist Gustavo Ventura says, "Regulation of labor movements is one of the most...

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How to Cure the Recession

A quick way to boost the economy? Instead of importing goods from places like China, one researcher thinks we should import taxpayers (instead of making them sneak across the border to work illegally, thus paying no taxes).

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Speaking English

When you talk to people who are against immigration, do you ever hear this? "My great, great grandparents came to America and quickly learned English to survive. Why can't today?s immigrants do the same?" It turns out this isn't true.

Researcher Joseph Salmons, who has studied European immigrant languages in the Midwest, discovered that...

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Immigration: Follow the Mice

In this political season, the hot topic of immigration will come up again. One way to follow the trail of migrating human beings is to study MOUSE genes, since they came along with us.

BBC News quotes researcher Jeremy Searle as saying, "If we look at the genetic patterning of the mice, we find they have patterning that very much relates...

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Will Mexican Migration Ever be Legal?

Newswise - The government is using illegal Mexican immigrants to clean up damage from Katrina. Meanwhile, President Bush wants to create a "guest worker" program, somewhat like the "brasero" program of the 1940s and 50s.

Economist Paul Hancock says the use of migrant labor to harvest America's crops is a product of...

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