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Night Flights Mean More Global Warming

Taking that "red eye" overnight flight is more damaging to the environment than daytime air travel because contrails cause more global warming after dark. Winter flights are also harder on the environment than summer flights. And blocks of ice that crash suddenly from the sky are a sign of global warming, since they?re caused by freezing...

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UPDATE: MORE Ice Blocks Falling From the Sky

We have reported in the past on how mysterious blocks of ice are falling from the sky all over the world?smashing through roofs and at times narrowly missing people. In every case, the first suspicion has been that this ice came from airplanes emptying their toilets in the air?something they do NOT do. It's actually a phenomenon caused by...

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Ice Block Crashes Through Garage Roof

We regularly report on ice blocks falling from the sky and the reason why this happens, but since this phenomenon is reported in local news and these stories have never been gathered together in a single national story, it continues to surprise people when it happens to them. Now a California paper reports that a woman was awakened by a loud...

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Ice Block Just Misses Elderly Woman

The same conditions that recently produced a hole in the sky in Alabama have led to yet another giant ice block falling to Earth, this time in New Zealand.

Patrick Gower and Natasha Harris write in the New Zealand Herald that a football-sized block of ice smashed through the roof and into the kitchen of 80-year-old Jan Robertson, who...

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Lethal Ice Blocks Fall From Sky

One more thing to worry about?a chunk of ice could plunge through your ceiling without warning. It's happened twice recently, in Georgia and California. Homeowners think the ice is coming from airplane toilets, but Unknowncountry has found that while ice can fall from planes, it's a result of global warming. Contrails, which are ice clouds...

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