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Will Quiet Sun Reverse Global Warming Trend?

The term "global warming" has been described as one of the most misleading descriptions of the modern world by president of the Space and Science Research Corporation, John L. Casey, in his new book, "Dark Winter: How The Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell."

Casey claimed in a recent interview that the increase in...
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Ice Age Could Be Imminent As Sun Falls Silent

As if we needed any more factors to influence our already unpredictable weather, scientists are now concerned about the lack of activity on the sun, which appears to have diminished significantly.

The periodic changes in the sun's activity, such as changes in levels of solar radiation, coronal mass ejections and solar flares, are...
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Rate of Extinction Reaches Historic Proportions

Many vertebrate species (that category includes us) would have to evolve about 10,000 times faster than they have in the past to adapt to the rapid climate change expected in the next 100 years.

Scientists analyzed how quickly species adapted to different climates in the past, using data from 540 living species from all major groups...
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New Ice Age in Alaska

While most of the world is experiencing global warming, Alaska seems to be entering another ice age. Since 2000, temperatures in Alaska have dropped by 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit. When scientists looked at weather reports from 20 climate stations in that state that are operated by the National...
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Secret of the Strad

Musicians treasure the small number of Stradivarius violins that were made in the small area of Cremona, Italy in the 17th century. Modern manufacturers have struggled in vain to make instruments that have the same musical qualities. Now a tree-ring dating expert and a climatologist have discovered the secret of the Stradivarius.


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Why Ice Ages Happen

Ice ages may occur when our Solar System passes through thespiral arms of the Milky Way during our orbit around thecenter of the galaxy. Dr. Nir Shaviv of the University ofToronto has found evidence linking changes in the cosmicrays reaching the Earth and the times that ice ages occurredin the past.

He believes that the cosmic rays come...

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Scientists Predict Next Ice Age

A study of North Atlantic ice suggests that the brightening and dimming of the sun may cause a 1,500-year cycle of cooling and warming on parts of the Earth. Researchers have found that a very slight difference in the amount of solar energy reaching the Earth can have a powerful effect on the climate. As ice builds up in lands bordering the...

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