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Global Warming: Could it be causing sub-zero temperatures and flooding across the planet?

The term "global warming" suggests that we can expect temperatures across the planet to become increasingly hotter with every passing year.

Australia's blazing hot weather certainly broke all records during 2013, with summer and winter temperatures that were 1.2C above the long term average. In its annual report, the...
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Bizarre Greenland Winter Heat Wave

As a book rose on the US bestseller lists claiming thatglobal warming was a "scam," and conservative radio hostsnationwide began claiming that this year's harsh wintermeant that the problem was 'bunk,' increasingly catastrophicsigns of impending sudden climate change continued to build.

During the second week of Feburary, a...

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Ice Blocks Keep Fallin' on My Head

Another block of ice fell from the sky in Santa Cruz, California. The last one crashed through the ceiling of a child's bedroom, but this one crashed through the roof of a boat while the owner was inside. Ray Erickson was talking on the phone inside his 40-foot Chris Craft boat around 6:30 p.m., when he hear a loud crash. "All of a sudden, bam...

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Ice Blocks From the Sky

Spanish scientist Jesus Martinez-Frias says global warming may be to blame for the mysterious giant blocks of ice which fall from cloudless skies, crushing cars and houses. When these ice blocks started appearing a decade ago, it was thought they were frozen waste jettisoned from airplanes, but tests showed that wasn?t the source. "I'm not...

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