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Convert Your Gas-Guzzler to Run on Hydrogen!

Roger Leir did it and you can too - There's a $10 million prize waiting for the person who can design a car that gets 100 miles a gallon, and one engineer has modified a 1993 Geo Metro that he claims can do just that. Other researchers have found a way to convert ethanol and other biofuels into hydrogen very efficiently.

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They DID It!

We all know the polluting problems with gas-powered cars, but hybrids have their problems too. Now Honda has achieved something that many people thought could not be done: designed a hydrogen-powered car.

But don't run out and order one?BBC News reports that Honda plans to manufacture only 200 of the cars over the next 3 years, starting...

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The Perfect Fuel MAY be Possible After All

UPDATE! - Most scientists have dismissed the possibility of running cars on hydrogen, even though it would be the ideal fuel, because of the difficulty of storing hydrogen, due to the small size of the molecule and the need for extremely low temperatures. But now a room temperature storage material has been invented that could...

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Hopeful Hydrogen Fuel Breakthrough

Aside from the cost of producing hydrogen, the problem of containing is what's stopping the widespread adoption of this fuel. Since it is a single molecule, it is so tiny that it cannot be contained by a conventional automobile gas tank, for instance. But if we could design motors that manufactured more hydrogen as they ran, similar to the way...

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